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The Paris elites and their enablers may find that the next general strike won't immobilize Paris, it will strangle Paris from the periphery. Eleven months... [Read More]
This exhaustion of the neocolonial-neofeudal model was inevitable, and as a result, so too is the decline and fall of the European integration/exploitation project. That... [Read More]
"Those households, enterprises and organizations that have no debt, a very low cost basis and a highly flexible, adaptable structure will survive and even prosper..." [Read More]
Credit bubbles are not engines of sustainable employment, they are only engines of malinvestment and wealth destruction on a grand scale. We all know the... [Read More]
When the herd thunders off the cliff, most participants are trapped in the stampede. One of the most perverse consequences of the central banks saving... [Read More]
America's problem isn't a lack of deficit spending/consumption. America's problems are profoundly structural. The nice thing about free to me money from any source is the recipients... [Read More]
Neither small business nor the bottom 90% of households can afford this "best economy ever." After 10 years of unprecedented goosing, some of the real... [Read More]
A funny thing happens on the way to stabilizing things by doing more of what's failed: the system becomes even more unstable, brittle and fragile. A... [Read More]
We sense it's now or never, and this can manifest as a mid-life/mid-career crisis. At a reader's request, I'm excerpting an essay from last week's... [Read More]
Currencies don't melt down randomly. This is only the first stage of a complete re-ordering of the global financial system. Take a look at the... [Read More]
Currencies don't melt down randomly. This is only the first stage of a complete re-ordering of the global financial system. Take a look at the... [Read More]
The only possible output of this system is extortion as a way of life. As the accompanying chart shows, productivity in the U.S. has been... [Read More]
I hate to break it to you, but the everything bubble isn't permanent. OK, I get it–the Bull Market in stocks is permanent. Bulls will be chortling in... [Read More]
Combine financialization, neoliberalism and moral bankruptcy, and you end up with predatory, parasitic elites. How did our financial and political elites become predatory parasites? Some will... [Read More]
These charts reflect a linear system that is wobbling into the first stages of non-linear destabilization. The widespread presumption is the U.S. is wealthy beyond... [Read More]
The uncomfortable reality is all Bull Markets, no matter how lengthy or robust, all expire. As you have undoubtedly heard, the current Bull Market in... [Read More]
Nothing is as permanent as we imagine–especially super-complex, super-costly, super-asymmetric and super-debt-dependent systems. Check which signs of Imperial decline you see around you: The hubris of... [Read More]
If you want to preserve your sanity and avoid unhappy derangement, turn off all corporate and social media from now to Thanksgiving. Since elections are... [Read More]
Nowadays, trade and "prosperity" are dependent on currencies that are created out of thin air via borrowing or printing. So here's the story explaining why... [Read More]
When the Soviet regime exiled Sakharov in 1980, everybody assumed the USSR was permanent and impregnable to collapse. There are many ironies in the RussiaGate... [Read More]
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