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Kavanaugh is going to be confirmed. He'll even get a couple of Democratic votes. So why all the fuss? [Read More]
It's a time to celebrate American exceptionalism and the economic bounty it brings. [Read More]
And it's 45 minutes - and it's hosted by Alex Trebek. Seriously? [Read More]
The reality star president created his reality star aide. Is it any wonder she turned on him? [Read More]
The discipline of playing for a team teaches larger life lessons to young people. [Read More]
Things went fast. It must be an election year. Oh, right, it IS an election year. But the economy didn't hurt. [Read More]
Presidents use their constitutionally-granted power to issue pardons to Americans convicted of federal crimes. There is little doubt about the right of any president to... [Read More]
The Democrats plan to run as the resistance to Trump may not look as good as it did. The president's numbers continue to improve. There's... [Read More]
Choose wisely. [Read More]
Mrs. Bush served both as second lady, first lady, and presidential mom. In each she gave us reason to be proud. Hers was a life... [Read More]
Historically, attack ads hurts both the attacker and the attackee. When there are other candidates in the field, they benefit from the back and forth... [Read More]
Regardless of how this special election turns out, it wasn't a banner day for Republicans. But it wasn't exactly cause for ecstasy on the part... [Read More]
Today steel manufacturing facilities require a tiny fraction of the human workforce necessary a few decades ago. Technology killed more steel manufacturing jobs than trade.... [Read More]
Free trade is a much better option. [Read More]
Ms. Hicks will quickly find other roles in which to star. She's not yet 30 years old and her resume already looks like a veteran... [Read More]
Hicks is the latest departure in a growing line of departures from Trump's troubled West Wing. [Read More]
At a time when some would like to see religion removed from the public square, Graham was ever-present. [Read More]
Mitt Romney has the personality and experience to be a dominant figure and the media will flock to him like moths to a flame. [Read More]
It's an election year and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is on the ballot. There was no doubt that his annual budget address would reflect that... [Read More]
This year's spending proposal didn't contain any of the requests for massive tax hikes that have become Wolf's trademark. [Read More]
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