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In addition to being fun, by design children's songs teach valuable critical thinking skills. [Read More]
When I was conducting research for the Library of Congress primary source set "Civil War Photographs: New Technologies and New Uses," I learned way more... [Read More]
History isn't boring! Final thoughts from a year well spent. A blog post at "Teaching with the Library of Congress" on 2018-06-05. [Read More]
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Teaching with the Library of Congress. A blog from the Library of Congress. [Read More]
As any debate team knows, the ability to communicate arguments and craft rebuttals extemporaneously can be essential. We began wondering how historically well-regarded orators fared... [Read More]
We're delighted to announce that the Woodrow Wilson Papers are now online. Held in the Library of Congress Manuscript Division, these papers constitute the largest... [Read More]
At the start of World War I, however, posters offered a powerful tool to reach and influence citizens of every social, educational, and racial background. [Read More]
Talking with science teachers at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) conference last month reminded me that a couple of years ago the Library of... [Read More]
Poets compose verse to celebrate love, mourn losses, and inspire action. To mark National Poetry Month this year, we revisit past posts about poetry and... [Read More]
Exploring Performance and Improvisation at the Library of Congress. A blog post at "Teaching with the Library of Congress" on 2018-04-12. [Read More]
General Tubman, suffragist, spy, nurse, Moses, and Aunt Harriet are just some of the titles that heroic abolitionist Harriet Tubman has been given. Tubman, and... [Read More]
Analyzing secret messages from the past can also be a fun way for students to gain perspective into historical events while simultaneously practicing real-world mathematical... [Read More]
Many historians consider the defeat of the Nazis at Stalingrad the turning point in World War II, yet this battle is given little attention in... [Read More]
The Library of Congress Educational Outreach Division is looking for a performing or visual arts teacher to serve as the 2018-19 Teacher in Residence. [Read More]
During an event as large and disruptive as World War I, individuals, organizations, and governments had to make difficult choices between competing societal needs. Examining... [Read More]
Teaching with the Library of Congress. A blog from the Library of Congress. [Read More]
Primary sources such as the letters and diaries of Civil War Nurse Mary Ann Bickerdyke offer rich insights into the lives of real people. The... [Read More]
What strategies do you use to bring attention to lesser known people in history? [Read More]
In the January/February 2018 issue of Social Education, the journal of the National Council for the Social Studies, our "Sources and Strategies" article features an... [Read More]
Ms. Woodson offered many thoughtful responses during the Q&A session, but her advice about feedback and whether student writers should submit their work to friends... [Read More]
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