Author: Christine Benz

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Low costs and tax efficiency are obvious pluses, but so are ease of oversight and cash flow extraction. [Read More]
Tags: Why - Index - Funds
Christine Benz shares her favorite fixed-income picks for the intermediate-term portion of her ETF bucket portfolios for retirees. [Read More]
Dump the clutter and reveal some overlooked opportunities. [Read More]
Tags: Dump - Give - Portfolio
Taking time to clear out portfolio 'clutter' can pay dividends many times over. [Read More]
Are you a hoarder when it comes to financial documents? Here's how to get them under control. [Read More]
On becoming a minimalist, focusing on the really important allocations, and talking about hard stuff. [Read More]
And you can learn from them, too! [Read More]
Russ Kinnel breaks down how mutual funds performed during the market rally. [Read More]
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