Author: Christine Kopaczewski

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Along with health benefits, being a morning person can help you capitalize productivity and achieve success. [Read More]
Productivity often begins in the mornings, with productive people tackling many of their tasks in the early hours. Along with health benefits, being a... [Read More]
College in the United Kingdom looks very different than the United States, despite a shared language and history. UK college students pay less for education,... [Read More]
Philadelphia has gone from an underdog to the newest "it" city. With culinary hotspots, a rich historical background, and affordable housing, it's easy to see... [Read More]
A budget spreadsheet can be a powerful tool, whether you're struggling to make ends meet or saving up for a future splurge. Tracking monthly spending... [Read More]
WAYHOME Studio/Shutterstock A shared bank account can be the right choice for many married couples. 68% of Americans feel awkward talking about money,... [Read More]
Mona Varga/Flickr Marriage is complicated. That's a given. When I was getting married I was so stressed about balancing my new family,... [Read More]
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