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Screaming, stabbing pain? Not always. You can move it, so it's not broken? Not all the time. Here, Claudia Hammond answers some of the myths... [Read More]
Cuando el calor acecha, los consejos para mantener la temperatura corporal lo más baja posible proliferan. Pero, ¿cuáles son ciertos y cuáles no? BBC Mundo... [Read More]
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As summer temperatures climb, keeping cool becomes a priority. But what age-old tips are worth sticking to? Claudia Hammond investigates. [Read More]
We usually believe that our opinions are stubborn and fixed. But new research shows that our views, even on politics, are changing all the time... [Read More]
In a medical emergency, the right response can save lives – but many of us are still doing the wrong thing. [Read More]
It's not just how much exercise you do but how you compare yourself with your friends that really determines your fitness. [Read More]
Many people believe that the longer you wear spectacles the worse your eyesight becomes. But are they right? Claudia Hammond takes a clear look at... [Read More]
Loneliness has been called a modern epidemic. But is it really getting worse? [Read More]
It's long been thought that the ability to roll your tongue is a clear-cut case of genetics. Claudia Hammond finds it's not that simple. [Read More]
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Expectant mothers are told they should change many aspects of their lives, from eating more to being careful about flying. But what's the truth? [Read More]
Having gleaming white teeth might look more attractive, it doesn't mean they are in better condition. [Read More]
Chúng ta có thể nghÄ... [Read More]
Some myths about babies and what brings on labour have proved remarkably persistent. Claudia Hammond put them under the microscope. [Read More]
Rất nhiều người bị hôi miệng nhÆ°ng không dám nói ra, và cÅ... [Read More]
Bạn thấy thế nào khi đột ngột mất đi ký á»... [Read More]
How does it feel to suddenly lose more than a week of your memory? Claudia Hammond investigates. [Read More]
Nước nóng hay lạnh? Xà phòng hoặc nước rửa tay? Lau tay bằng khăn giấy hay sấy khí nóng? [Read More]
Nhiều người cho rằng uống sữa hoặc ăn kem sẽ làm trầm trọng thêm các triệu chá»... [Read More]
Khi đọc được tin về cách chữa trị hiệu quả cho căn bệnh nào đó, bạn nên thận trọng trước khi chia sẻ rộng rãi... [Read More]
Các nhà khoa học phát hiện ra người khôn ngoan hơn thường sống lâu và hạnh phúc hơn, đồng thời tiết lộ một số bí... [Read More]
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