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There are a wide assortment of statistics tracked at all levels of ice hockey designed to analyze and measure an athlete's performance. But one that... [Read More]
When the Singer Sewing Machine Company Built the Best .45 Pistol Ever Made Rock Island sold one in 2010 for $80,500 . . . In... [Read More]
The Remington V3 (along with its big brother, the VersaMax) is one of our favorite shotguns. It's tough, affordable and its Versaport gas system makes... [Read More]
Well that didn't take long. According to Austin station KVUE, Cody Wilson is back in the United States and is booked in the Harris County... [Read More]
As the New York Post reports, "Things weren't very Hakuna Matata at Broadway's iconic 'The Lion King' on Friday afternoon, when cops stormed the theater to arrest... [Read More]
Cruz Forces Democratic Opponent to Repeatedly Claim He Supports Second Amendment – His Views on Gun Control Suggest Otherwise Bwa haa ha ha ha ha... [Read More]
in this case a band - has come out in support of gun control. The Black Eyed Peas have released a video for their new... [Read More]
A thick shroud of fog greeted the more than two hundred participants gathered for the Third Annual Run for Recovery 5K road race which was... [Read More]
Many of today's prolific distance runners would admit that, while in high school and college, running workouts were nothing more than a necessary evil to... [Read More]
The United States is blessed with abundant resources and unrivaled natural beauty. Our wildlife has provided ample opportunities for generations of Americans to enjoy hunting... [Read More]
Our friends in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex executed a spectacular face plant last year in Nevada. Anti-gun New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg poured millions... [Read More]
It's officially a thing. Democrats running for office this fall in red states are firing guns in their campaign commercials this election season to give the... [Read More]
Nine Prince George's County Maryland police officers burst into a Forestville apartment Wednesday night to serve a warrant against a suspected drug dealer who'd been... [Read More]
The Taiwan News reports that Cody Wilson, who's been charged with sexual assault in connection with an encounter with a 16-year-old girl has been arrested... [Read More]
The story from (yes, they're still apparently in business) is Putin shows off sniper skills firing Kalashnikov rifle. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday showed... [Read More]
Various reports are coming in of a workplace shooting at a RiteAid Distribution center in Maryland. The latest information — which frequently changes in these... [Read More]
News broke yesterday that Defense Distributed's Cody Wilson had been charged with sexual assault as a result of an encounter with an under-aged girl. It... [Read More]
As popular as GLOCK pistols are, maybe the least-loved part of their guns is the stock sights. Small fortunes have been made selling aftermarket replacements... [Read More]
US District Court Judge Gloria M. Navarro has dismissed a class action lawsuit brought against SlideFire Solutions as a result of the Mandalay Bay shooting.... [Read More]
The Austin Statesman is reporting that Defense Distributed's Cody Wilson has been charged with sexual assault after an encounter with a minor last month. The... [Read More]
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