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The ban, which covers asylum-seekers who cross the US/Mexico border between official crossings, will be in effect at least until Tuesday. [Read More]
Immigrants would be penalized for using food stamps or Medicaid. [Read More]
The federal government has a record 12,800 immigrant kids in custody — but ICE has started arresting parents who step up to take them. The... [Read More]
State Department guidance sets a higher bar for some people — and it's especially high for those hoping to immigrate to the US to live... [Read More]
After failing badly to meet a target of 45,000 refugees for 2018, the Trump administration is letting in no more than 30,000 next year. [Read More]
Trump's refugee policy helps Christians from the former Soviet Union, and hurts everyone else. The Trump administration has slammed the brakes on bringing refugees to... [Read More]
In a huge reversal, the Trump administration is giving families another chance to claim asylum — and even some parents who've already been deported might... [Read More]
But the Trump administration is taking $200 million from other parts of the Department of Homeland Security instead of staying within its budget on immigrant... [Read More]
This time, it might actually stand up in court. The Trump administration officially has a plan to detain families who enter the US without legal... [Read More]
A "senior official in the Trump administration" claims that even Cabinet members think the president is reckless and amoral. [Read More]
Some sage advice for Donald Trump about picking a fight with Bob Woodward, from Donald Trump. [Read More]
which President Trump sought to shut down in September 2017 but which has been partially reanimated by judges elsewhere... [Read More]
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Trump keeps putting pressure on the soft parts of the immigration system — and people who aren't necessarily able to fight back. [Read More]
As Nicaragua descends into chaos, 5,000 Nicaraguans living in the US are being told to leave — thanks to a last-minute White House phone call. [Read More]
What the reactions to Paul Manafort's trial and Mollie Tibbetts's death tell us. [Read More]
Key senators signal that if Trump were to want a new attorney general — one with the power to fire Robert Mueller — they'd confirm... [Read More]
It took the White House less than a day to use Tibbetts's murder to push Trump's immigration agenda. It took 34 days for investigators to... [Read More]
There is always a tweet. President Donald Trump suffered a heckuva one-two punch on Tuesday afternoon. Not only was his former campaign manager Paul Manafort... [Read More]
On Monday, President Trump delivered a speech in tribute to officers of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP — though... [Read More]
Hundreds of parents failed screening interviews for asylum while they were separated and traumatized. Now, dozens of them want a second chance to make their... [Read More]
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