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Elliott Broidy, an ally of President Trump, was disgraced by sordid revelations and hacked emails. His legal team is going after the hackers — and... [Read More]
Gunmen stormed the headquarters of Libya's national oil company in Tripoli on Monday, setting off explosions, taking hostages and spraying gunfire, leaving several people dead... [Read More]
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The attack punctuated a week of deadly violence in the capital and struck at the core of the country's deteriorating economy. [Read More]
The bomb, carried in a backpack, exploded prematurely, foiling the attacker's plot, Egyptian officials said. [Read More]
The NSO Group, a spyware maker, targeted the phones of powerful figures to show off its product, emails show. It's now accused of illegal spying... [Read More]
Getty Images During his 2016 campaign, Donald Trump suggested Islam might be inherently violent, claimed that Muslims in Jersey City had cheered on... [Read More]
Saudi Arabia, which has one of the highest execution rates in the world, is taking the rare step of seeking the death penalty for a... [Read More]
Saudi Arabia, which has one of the highest execution rates in the world, is taking the rare step of seeking the death penalty for a... [Read More]
The woman at the centre of the case, Israa al-Ghomgham, is one of six Shiites in the predominantly Sunni kingdom who have been charged with... [Read More]
Prosecutors are seeking capital punishment for a 29-year-old woman who advocates equal rights for the country's Shiite minority. [Read More]
A closely watched British parliamentary committee examining Russia's exploitation of social media to try to influence elections has called for sweeping new regulations on tech... [Read More]
In a report to be released Sunday, a parliamentary committee accused Facebook of providing "disingenuous" answers to questions and of withholding information. [Read More]
The urban cattle that roam in the English university town of Cambridge have become emblematic of the place and the human residents profess an improbable... [Read More]
How the Obama administration watched the demise of Arab democracy — and paved the way for Trump's embrace of dictators. [Read More]
The early days of the Trump administration seemed to promise Rick Gates and Elliott Broidy enormous clout — and earning potential. But those times are... [Read More]
The defection sheds light on the usually quiet disputes among the royal families of the seven monarchies that make up the United Arab Emirates. [Read More]
As Arron Banks spent millions on Brexit, meetings at the Russian Embassy opened opportunities in gold and diamonds. Critics see American parallels. [Read More]
During the Trump campaign, Tom Barrack was a top fundraiser and trusted gatekeeper who opened communications with the Emiratis and Saudis, recommended that the candidate... [Read More]
Billionaire financier Tom Barrack occupies a unique place in the Trump world, linking the president to Arab princes. [Read More]
The connections nurtured by the financier Tom Barrack look to have paid off handsomely for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — and for... [Read More]
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