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Humans are superstitious. We tend to come up with all kinds of ways to justify certain things we don't fully understand. [Read More]
U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl Will Lathrop If you're looking to punch the enemy in the gut and demonstrate just how much... [Read More]
AP Photo If you've read the book Saipan: Suicide Island, watched the movie Hell to Eternity, or you're a World War II buff,... [Read More]
US Marine Corps The M16A4 was the standard service rifle for the Marine Corps until October 2015, when it was decided that the... [Read More]
US Marine Corps Thanks to movies and video games, tons of people join the military thinking they'll be the next John Wick. ... [Read More]
Scott Olson / Getty Images Since 1996, "the Crucible" has been the subject of Marine recruits' nightmares. It serves as the final test... [Read More]
Cpl. Aaron S. Patterson/US Marine Corps Even within the military, there are people who use the terms "machine gun" and "automatic rifle" interchangeably.... [Read More]
US Army/Sgt. Ian Thompson Automatic weaponry has been a major asset to the United States Military for a long time now. There's been... [Read More]
US Army Throughout history, the US military has used a wide variety of guns to win its battles. Prior to the M16,... [Read More]
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