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Lunch at ASU Havasu now means a trip to the hospital. [Read More]
As the Aug. 28 primary election draws near, Kelli Ward is doubling down on her immigration stance. [Read More]
For now, Mohave County residents will not see their Television Tax District levy increase. [Read More]
With the start of the school year, the average teacher salary in the Lake Havasu Unified School District is on the rise. [Read More]
Mohave County wants to stop losing money on burying its poorest citizens. [Read More]
Mohave County has decided to join in a class action suit brought against the federal government by Kane County, Utah, demanding repayment of taxes owed... [Read More]
In a rare moment of solidarity, all five Mohave County Supervisors were in lock step voting for the 2018-19 tax levies. [Read More]
For students throughout Lake Havasu Unified School District, the end of summer break has come way too soon. No more sleeping in or too much... [Read More]
In the fight over a seat on the Mohave County Board of Supervisors, views on economic development might separate one candidate from the other. [Read More]
It's not exactly Big Brother, but the GOP knows a lot about conservative voters. [Read More]
Joe Arpaio says his political opponent, former state Sen. Kelli Ward made aggressive moves towards him during Saturday's 74th annual Mohave County Republican picnic. [Read More]
In Arizona, politics is considered a contact sport. [Read More]
Lake Havasu High School's new assistant principal needs no introduction. [Read More]
Beginning this school year students at all of the district's elementary schools will be on the same early release schedule as their secondary school counterparts. [Read More]
The City of Needles is lining up support from other municipalities including Lake Havasu City to send a message to Amtrak advocating that the mass-transit... [Read More]
Lake Havasu Unified School District has spent more than two-thirds of the first portion of bond funding it has received as a result of a... [Read More]
Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court is razor thin and growing thinner with each passing day. [Read More]
With a unanimous vote, the board of directors for the Mohave Valley Irrigation and Drainage District voted Tuesday to take the first step in adopting... [Read More]
Mohave County Board of Supervisors agreed to new fee schedules for its planning and zoning division. [Read More]
The one thing Lake Havasu Unified School District Board members feared happening – a tie vote – following the recent departure of Allen "Grumpy" Ward... [Read More]
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