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Warning: Brilliant play does not always guarantee brilliant results. It's a curious phenomenon that very often the player who captures the traditional brilliancy prize for... [Read More]
The new Democratic chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee has sharply criticized Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's wide-ranging speech on Middle East policy in... [Read More]
A group of European and Middle Eastern allies of the United States announced plans to meet on the sidelines of next week's U.N. General Assembly... [Read More]
Would-be Russian duelists had better be en garde — the government is watching. A Russian lawmaker in the State Duma this week submitted a... [Read More]
With more than 100 area elementary and secondary students on hand and a virtual visit from the former world champion Garry Kasparov, the U.S. Chess... [Read More]
It's supposed to be a game, but on this Labor Day week, let's celebrate the hardest-working man in chess -- who just happens to be... [Read More]
The plague of draws that infected the 6th Sinquefield Cup that wraps up this week illustrates that paradox that pairing off the world's greatest players... [Read More]
President Trump announced Friday that he instructed Secretary of State Mike Pomepo not to go to North Korea, citing a lack of progress towards denuclearization. [Read More]
The most famous name in Russian armaments is taking direct aim at Elon Musk and his Tesla electric car. Russian business publications report that... [Read More]
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