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Yes, we're three games into the season. But the measuring stick is only now going to be utilized because conference play is here to separate... [Read More]
All things considered, it's been a pretty great year for Filipe Toledo. While not each individual segment has been great, it's certainly all been interesting... [Read More]
It's been about five full months since her promising season was derailed, but Kauai's Malia Manuel will be making her return today at the Swatch... [Read More]
They ran through heat after heat on Saturday's finals day at the Pantin Classic Galicia Pro in Galicia, Spain. The 16 remaining wahine got into... [Read More]
Keanu Asing has always felt like the underdog. [Read More]
Amazingly, the event exceeded expectations. With such a buildup and months of anticipation, I felt the chances for a letdown were quite high. But throughout... [Read More]
I can't say that I remember a build to a fight that featured all the twists, turns and turbulence as there has been for this... [Read More]
After finishing with three straight wins and the first non-losing season since 2010, the 2017 University of Hawaii football season kicks off this Saturday. The... [Read More]
It was essentially a head-to-head matchup for the yellow jersey. [Read More]
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