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From the blog of Larry Jacob at The Times of Israel... [Read More]
From the blog of David Bogomolny at The Times of Israel... [Read More]
From the blog of David Wolpe at Jewish Week... [Read More]
Including those regarding the coming of the end of time, writes Rabbi David Wolpe... [Read More]
On Friday night I will celebrate the Seder in Spain, where piety and poetry once flourished. [Read More]
In "The Great Shift," James L. Kugel explores changing notions of God; in "The Exodus," Richard Elliott Friedman argues that early Jews really did flee... [Read More]
"Therefore a man will leave his father and mother and cling to his wife." That is the seemingly simple prescription for marriage in Genesis. Yet... [Read More]
Rabbi David Wolpe remembers the generosity of the late insult comic... [Read More]
The best resolutions are elastic—they cannot be broken with a single act. [Read More]
'We need to leave the voting booth and be human again'... [Read More]
'Forgiveness releases resentment in our own hearts and draws us closer to others'... [Read More]
The former president of Israel made mistakes, but he should be remembered for his greatness... [Read More]
The Johnson Amendment is less a limitation on religion than a defense of its integrity. Let's keep it for the sake of society. [Read More]
We are surrounded by stories of sadness, cruelty and violence. Evil arrests our attention. But there are also moving stories of selfless goodness. They could... [Read More]
Opposition can make our support stronger... [Read More]
'The stories of our childhood retain a charm that nothing else can approach'... [Read More]
It's a sweet story about memory, and love... [Read More]
'What we remember we can integrate and understand'... [Read More]
Rep. Hank Johnson said that Jewish settlers in Israel were "like termites." He should offer a real apology for his anti-Semitic remarks. [Read More]
Rabbi Haskel Lookstein has withdrawn from offering a blessing at the Republican National Convention. That was a mistake. [Read More]
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