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Looking up at what is now a mostly bare bookshelf, in what for a few more hours is still nominally my office, the most prominent... [Read More]
First, some truths that should by now be self-evident:... [Read More]
There's no evidence that Georgia's touch-screen voting machines have ever been hacked before or during any election over the 16 years they have been in... [Read More]
"Citizens have gotten to the point they just don't care about littering anymore. That's why the city is looking trashier than it ever has." [Read More]
It's not necessary to talk about the great American calamity of the Civil War to document the South's long and distinguished tradition of military service.... [Read More]
We've been here before. It's not a place anybody ought to be, ever. [Read More]
The almost 30-year-old dispute involving the waters of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint (ACF) river basin finally made it to the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday. [Read More]
Not long into Bobby Gaylor's six-year stint as city manager of Phenix City, a now-former Ledger-Enquirer reporter had reached the point of exasperation with trying... [Read More]
One of Georgia's most serious challenges is access to health care in rural parts of the state. [Read More]
Consider this a self-serving argument if you choose. Be that as it may:... [Read More]
Six months ago, after the owners of the Ralston Towers in Columbus had been notified repeatedly and for weeks about air conditioning problems in the... [Read More]
Resign, Mr. Ayers. Right now. [Read More]
An Orwellian rewriting of the language of clinical information that the federal government reportedly imposed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention turns out... [Read More]
If anything can be said to be a foundational American principle, it's that nobody, and no human institution, is above the law, even the government... [Read More]
The Columbus Government Center has, in the words of the Historic Columbus Foundation, "become an iconic image for Columbus and that has value." It has,... [Read More]
As noted previously in these pages, Georgia lawmakers have been making good-faith proposals for energizing the stubbornly underdeveloped and economically depressed rural areas of Georgia. [Read More]
A flurry of storms, most powerful of them Hurricane Maria, devastated Puerto Rico and the northeastern Caribbean in late summer. It's regarded by many as... [Read More]
Humphrey Bogart filmed a lot of iconic smoking scenes in a lot of iconic movies. [Read More]
In the Muscogee County School Board's Thursday meeting with the Columbus legislative delegation to discuss priorities for the upcoming session of the General Assembly, money... [Read More]
Tommy Nobis was the First Falcon, literally and in every other sense. [Read More]
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