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Presidents Day may not rank high on our nation's holidays, but there are plenty of freebies and deals to be had. Check out our list.... [Read More]
It's been nearly two years since the Delphi murders. Here's what we know now about the killings of Abigail Williams and Liberty Germany.       ... [Read More]
Since the recent warmup, Indianapolis' streets are blooming with the latest crop of potholes. And you can bet residents have something to say about it.... [Read More]
A driver was killed, after his semi ran into the back of another semitrailer truck Sunday morning on I-70 in Vigo County.        ... [Read More]
Indiana conservation officers on Sunday recovered the body of a canoeist from the Driftwood River.        ... [Read More]
Jenna Jordan's engagement was announced Tuesday on "Bachelor in Paradise." But now her fiance, Jordan Kimball, says they're breaking up.        ... [Read More]
A firefighter was injured in a building collapse Monday evening in Downtown Indianapolis.        ... [Read More]
Fast-moving waterways after heavy rains in Indiana have led to more than one dramatic rescue — and two missing people being swept away.       ... [Read More]
A flood warning is still in effect for several rivers and streams in the state, including the White River, Fall Creek and Flatrock River.      ... [Read More]
An Indiana man was arrested on warrants after his car stuck and killed a woman walking on I-65 early Sunday.        ... [Read More]
The White House has lowered its American flag back to half-staff after a flood of criticism when it raised it to full staff so soon... [Read More]
Four teens died from their injuries in a two-car crash Saturday night in Jackson County, Ind.        ... [Read More]
As the NFL protests continue, here's a look at why this issue has so divided the nation and captured our attention.        ... [Read More]
Two children reportedly drowned in the Kankakee River in Lake County and their deaths are being investigated.        ... [Read More]
An Indiana man who was inspired by the Orlando nightclub attack to help plan terrorist attacks in the name of ISIS was sentenced to 15... [Read More]
Rising Democrat Pete Buttigieg is part of the national conversation again, after his remarks poking fun at Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump.      ... [Read More]
A measles outbreak has been reported in 21 states, including Indiana.        ... [Read More]
Joel Osteen has a fancy house and massive Lakewood Church. He is liked by many, but was criticized after Hurricane Harvey. Here's what else we... [Read More]
Brookstone, the quirky specialty store, announced that it's closing its mall stores as part of its bankruptcy filing. However, it's airport stores and e-commerce businesses... [Read More]
Here are the current abortion restrictions in place in Indiana and issues still being decided in the courts.        ... [Read More]
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