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Dollar Tree Inc., is a discount retail company that provides low cost products and extreme discount deals. A new round of $200 billion in tariffs... [Read More]
Micron's current quarter earnings surprised to the upside, yet the after hours earnings reaction is pessimistic on Q4 guidance. Massive buyback program should s... [Read More]
The US stock market is beating ex-US markets by a wide margin and remains the big winner on the year. There appears to be buying... [Read More]
Ecopetrol SA is a Colombian Oil & Gas Company that has been trading on the NYSE for more than 10 years. The outlook for the... [Read More]
A research analyst at B. Riley issued a note for optical component manufacturers citing some concerns. The company's second-quarter conference call contradicts... [Read More]
Alaska Air Group is an industry leading airline ranked higher than peers. The merger process with Virgin America is almost complete and will begin realizing... [Read More]
The ishares defense and aerospace ETF ITA may provide investors higher returns over the rest of 2018 compared to owning Lockheed Martin's stock outright. Lockhe... [Read More]
The company is experiencing an intense period of growth due to the increasing demand for cloud services. The stock price reacted negatively to last quarter's... [Read More]
The defense and aerospace industry continues to benefit from a rising defense budget and the iShares ETF provides broad exposure to the sector. The top... [Read More]
The valuation looks high at first glance; however, the share price is being supported by the CAGR opportunity of ~30-40% in Internet of Things. The... [Read More]
The company's major operations are in Colombia, and it has tertiary operations in other Latin American countries. The country is undergoing political changes an... [Read More]
The company is maintaining their 3% growth projections, even though they achieved near 9% revenue growth over the same period last year. The company is... [Read More]
The company has benefited from exposure to the US consumer and escaped the Trump Tariff narrative because of low exposure to Ex-US markets. The company... [Read More]
My price target is $61 per share, which implies an upside of 42% from current share price levels. The company will double 100G transceiver volumes... [Read More]
The company is growing revenues in the high single digits and undergoing structural changes to streamline business units and better position for growth. Profita... [Read More]
The Defense, Space and Security segment makes Boeing the second largest defense contractor in the United States. The segment has been facing revenue declines in... [Read More]
The share price is approaching fair value levels and there is only about 6% of upside from current share levels. The company is experiencing strength... [Read More]
The share price decline after second quarter earnings is providing an excellent opportunity to acquire shares below fair value. The company is ramping their Pat... [Read More]
Transdigm's business model follows a private equity return structure and seeks above market returns. The company doesn't have many competitors across their wide... [Read More]
3M is a global company known for their specialized coating and adhesive products, as well as many others. The company's revenue base is geographically diverse... [Read More]
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