Author: Ed Brayton

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Crackpot conspiracy theorist Dave Hayes says those Q Anon mass arrests will start soon. Like really soon. Any minute now, really. And it will destroy... [Read More]
Amid multiple reports that he is considering pardoning American soldiers convicted of was crimes, the Pentagon is pushing back and urging Trump not to do... [Read More]
Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen told a House committee that Jay Sekulow told him to lie about the timeline of a Trump Tower Moscow project... [Read More]
Firefighter turned con man Mark Taylor is thrilled to predict that Trump will soon impose martial law and begin rounding up "elites" in massive numbers.... [Read More]
On Monday, a federal judge ruled that Trump's accounting firm had to comply with a subpoena for financial records. His attorneys immediately filed an appeal... [Read More]
The viciously anti-Semitic Rick Wiles, a Christian dominionist, finally found a bit of religious law he objects to. The legalization of abortion, as he sees... [Read More]
E.W. Jackson, who nearly became Lt. Gov. of the is defending twice-defrocked judge Roy Moore's well documented penchant for teen girls in his 30s by... [Read More]
Judge Andrew Napolitano is changing his standard on impeachment, saying that the president should only be impeached if there's a strong bipartisan consensus on the... [Read More]
Southern Baptist theolian Richard Land is in the doghouse for claiming his "spiritual antennae" tell him that Trump's life is in danger from "moral relatavists"... [Read More]
An assistant principal in Denton, Texas, is out of his job after being recorded telling students to shut off that "n----- music." This seems to... [Read More]
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