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How atrocious twin-tunnels mega-deal could cost Californians billions... [Read More]
Charitable funds could likely be better used to build housing on a different site... [Read More]
The Bay Area has a shortage of hospital beds, and California has fewer ERs per capita than any other state... [Read More]
The consequences for property owners if lawmakers let utilities off the hook... [Read More]
Democrats need to make a compelling economic argument that will resonate with the business community... [Read More]
Don't put yourself in the position of wondering what you could have done — no, should have done — to help... [Read More]
It's pretty hard not to have a strong sense of where this latest police shooting of an unarmed black man is likely heading, barring the... [Read More]
Why Facebook's privacy failings make it one of America's most hated companies... [Read More]
April 4th is, of course, the 50th anniversary of the day Martin Luther King was murdered in Memphis. As such, it is one of those... [Read More]
Divisions dominating the California Democratic Convention last weekend raise questions about whether the party can get its act together for this year's congressional races and... [Read More]
Keep it up and Democrats will hand Republicans a blueprint for maintaining the House in 2018 and the presidency in 2020... [Read More]
This is what happens when the Bay Area economy creates 367,000 jobs and builds just 57,000 new homes between 2010-15... [Read More]
I didn't fully appreciate the importance of this year's California race for governor until my conversation Wednesday with Stanford political science Professor Bruce Cain.My focus... [Read More]
Any dysfunction by Democrats in California will be magnified by Republicans in 2020. [Read More]
This is about a question Donald Trump failed to answer. [Read More]
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When the inevitable downturn hits, the tech industry's blatant disregard for the consumers who buy their products will make the bust cycle deeper and nastier... [Read More]
Contributors write zingers that can really sting. They make me laugh, and they make me mad.  And, yes, for every smart letter that makes me re-examine my... [Read More]
The latest Southern California wildfires, which have destroyed 790 structures, burned 175,000 acres and displaced 90,000 from their homes,  demand a major shift in fire... [Read More]
A strong Israel deters aggressors, while an Israel that appears weak invites aggression... [Read More]
The guarantee of equal access to information has from Day One been one of the most fundamental gifts of the Internet... [Read More]
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