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I've said this a million times already, but I'll say it once more: The Trump Administration is the most corrupt in modern history. ... [Read More]
The single most pernicious idea in modern American finance is that the corporation exists to "maximize shareholder wealth." As the mantra has evolved since... [Read More]
Two possible contenders for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination have drawn enthusiastic cheers from a gathering of liberal activists in New Orleans. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth... [Read More]
A plan to limit bad sales incentives doesn't give investors the protection they need. [Read More]
Sunday morning, I flew to McAllen, Texas to find out what's really happening to immigrant families ripped apart by the Trump administration. ... [Read More]
Read Elizabeth Warren's views on Trump's proposed domestic gag rule, which would prevent some doctors from discussing abortions with women. [Read More]
In order to prevent sexual harassment, Congress needs to contribute to creating a cultural shift in how we think about women, power and the right... [Read More]
The 18th Annual Navarro College Student Art Exhibition showed off many great talents of area high school and college students at its opening reception Thursday,... [Read More]
It's time for Congress to show the same political courage on the opioid crisis that our colleagues showed 30 years ago for the HIV/AIDS epidemic.... [Read More]
"It puts us at much greater — puts us at greater risk that — that there will be another taxpayer bailout, that there will be... [Read More]
Warren acknowledges that she can't stop the bill, but she appears determined to exact a major political price from her fellow Democrats for.... [Read More]
"This bill will pass. And if the banks get their way, in the next 10 years or so, there will be another financial crisis," Warren... [Read More]
Liberal Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is set to go to war against the banking relief bill, and the bill's authors, including Democrats... [Read More]
'This bill is all about the big banks,' the Massachusetts senator said in a rare appearance before the press at the Capitol. [Read More]
In 2008, Wall Street's reckless greed crashed our economy. While millions of hard-working people lost their jobs, their homes, and their life savings, the... [Read More]
What better way to gain control over the political activities of powerful companies than to increase the regulation and subsidization of top... [Read More]
'Wayne LaPierre can call me whatever he wants. He doesn't scare me,' the Massachusetts Democrat tweeted Thursday night. [Read More]
Elizabeth Warren cherry-picked the pain and suffering of millions of Native Americans at the hands of western settlers in order to score pol... [Read More]
Warren tweeted at Mulvaney's OMB Twitter handle. She does not recognize him as the director of the CFPB. [Read More]
The Massachusetts Democrat suggested prohibiting insurers from providing narrow networks of doctors who patients can see, dropping coverage.... [Read More]
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