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Paris agreement for the sea recommended as rates of plastic pollution to skyrocket... [Read More]
Tags: Paris - MPs - urge
Kew scientists' analysis of 124 wild species shows 60% facing possible extinction, risking viability of commercial stock... [Read More]
Tags: wild - species - coffee
Greenpeace sceptical about corporate polluters as alliance launched to reduce waste... [Read More]
New government strategy aims to reduce ammonia emissions by changing farming methods... [Read More]
Government has astonishing record of fighting demands to meet legal obligations... [Read More]
Tags: Brexit - Government - UK
UK proposals include new regulations on farmers, wood-burning stoves and diesel cars... [Read More]
Tags: air - pollution - plans
Barriers could halt slide of undersea glaciers and hold back sea level rises predicted to result from global warming... [Read More]
Initiative lays out practical steps we can all take to help halt destruction of species and habitats in Britain... [Read More]
Risk in over-50s increases by 40% where highest nitrogen oxide levels exist, study shows... [Read More]
Tags: risk - Air - pollution
Anti-whaling nations defeat proposals that would have allowed for the return of hunts... [Read More]
Gove's agriculture bill prioritises environmental issues over food production, says head of NFU... [Read More]
Tree-planting, restoring wetlands and use of chemicals to remove CO2 from air needed, as well as cutting new emissions, say scientists... [Read More]
Payments under EU's CAP will be replaced by subsidies based on environmental protections... [Read More]
Progress made in the past decade has been reversed, with climate extremes such as droughts and floods identified as a main cause... [Read More]
Consumers face a double whammy of prices rises brought on by the long hot summer and Brexit... [Read More]
Japanese government expected to propose reforms to the International Whaling Commission allowing them to circumvent the current ban... [Read More]
With better management of fishing, global catches could increase even if temperatures rise by as much as 4C, say scientists... [Read More]
London Assembly call for bins to be placed in men's toilets so items that could cause blockages are not flushed away... [Read More]
70% of vessels implicated in illegal, unreported or unregulated fishing are registered in tax havens, report finds... [Read More]
Research shows geoengineering method intended to combat climate change would have adverse effect on agriculture... [Read More]
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