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SIU Carbondale is one vote away from its next leader, who will serve on an interim basis while the board searches for the campus' next... [Read More]
Each year soybean farmers across the country contribute a small, but significant, 0.005 of a percent of their crop sales to soybean research, development and... [Read More]
Buncombe Fire Chief Jason Grant doesn't like relying on other departments to help him protect his tiny town, but he has no other choice. [Read More]
When Japanese fighter pilots bombed Pearl Harbor 77 years ago today, Cairo's Bill Eblen was a "boneheaded" 16-year-old, he says, boasting with friends about how... [Read More]
In August 2017, just before the deadly white supremacist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, a nonprofit media group called Unicorn Riot began to publish... [Read More]
CARBONDALE— Southeast Missouri State University's in-state enrollment is about the same as it was 10 years ago. [Read More]
An SIUC student has been publicly accused of belonging to a white supremacist, neo-Nazi group, known as the Traditionalist Workers Party. [Read More]
An Southern Illinois University Carbondale student has been publicly accused of belonging to a white supremacist, neo-Nazi group, known as the Traditionalist Workers Party. [Read More]
"This is a small room, but the equipment we have here is the best in the region," Professor Jiyong Lee told a group of five... [Read More]
CARBONDALE— State legislators set aside $25 million this year to help public universities stem the Illinois "brain-drain," and $1.9 million of that will go to... [Read More]
Southern Illinois Healthcare, the region's largest health care employer, has committed to fund a proposed Southern Illinois University Carbodnale nursing program to the tune of... [Read More]
In its Thursday meeting, the SIU Board of Trustees announced the plan for a study into the funding of SIU's campuses. It also approved a... [Read More]
On Sept. 19, Southern Illinois University Carbondale will put its laboratories, racecars, flight simulators and green rooftops on display, hoping to entice local high schoolers. [Read More]
Southern Illinois University Carbondale suffered its biggest enrollment dip in at least 15 years, reporting an 11.9 percent decline to 12,817 students. [Read More]
The little Juan Laureano knew about fixing bikes, when he bought International Bike Shop over 20 years ago, was what he'd figured out as a... [Read More]
When Pedro Pedroza's work is done, he hopes his story— the first DACA recipient ever to work in the Chicago mayor's office— will be so... [Read More]
Después que María Martínez, madre adoptiva de sus cinco nietos, fuera diagnosticada con cáncer, la comunidad se une para ayudar a la familia. [Read More]
El uso de Seguros 'chuecos' es típico entre indocumentados. El IRS sabe quiÃ... [Read More]
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