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A classroom chart bearing an early version of the periodic table of elements has been discovered in a University of St. Andrews chemistry lab. Dating... [Read More]
By comparing the age of impact craters on the Moon to those on Earth, researchers say they have discovered a surge in the rate of... [Read More]
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Rapid and erratic movements of Earth's north magnetic pole have prompted an early update to a model that assists with navigation. The scheduled fix was... [Read More]
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Tomorrow morning, an Epsilon-4 rocket will blast off from the JAXA Uchinoura Space Center in Japan. Onboard is a satellite capable of generating artificial meteor... [Read More]
Using computer simulations and a robot, researchers have recreated the likely gait of a 300-million-year-old animal considered to be among the planet's earliest terrestrial walkers. [Read More]
China's miniature biosphere experiment has yielded sprouting cotton seeds, and they are the first plants to germinate on the Moon—an important first step in creating... [Read More]
Astronomers using the ALMA telescope have discovered an oddly tilted planet-forming disk within a double binary star system, a configuration that up until this point... [Read More]
Rapid and erratic movements of Earth's north magnetic pole have prompted an early update to a model that assists with navigation. The scheduled fix was... [Read More]
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Praying mantises are what scientists call "generalist" hunters, meaning they eat pretty much whatever they want. Despite their eclectic taste, however, no one has ever... [Read More]
By performing a DNA analysis of elephant tusks nabbed at ivory busts, scientists have successfully backtracked the contraband to three major African cartels. This application... [Read More]
An international team of researchers is claiming to have discovered traces of cholesterol on a fossil of Dickinsonia—a mysterious creature that lived during the primordial... [Read More]
The U.S. House Committee on Science, Space & Technology has sent a list of recommendations to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), asking that federal research... [Read More]
The detection of strange, unpredicted behavior deep below the surface near the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults suggests scientists have an incomplete understanding of... [Read More]
Typically, robots are built to perform a single task. To make them more adaptable, researchers from Yale University have developed a kind of "robotic skin"... [Read More]
Say hello to Pi Mensae c—a small, Earth-like planet located nearly 60 light-years from our Solar System. It's probably not able to sustain life, but... [Read More]
When it comes to figuring out which individual among a group of primates is the most dominant, some scientists simply look for the one that's... [Read More]
The advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence will make 75 million jobs obsolete by the year 2022, according to a new report. Sounds dreadful, but... [Read More]
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During its 15th flyby of Jupiter, NASA's Juno spacecraft captured a rare image of a Jovian "brown barge." It's not nearly as impressive or picturesque... [Read More]
From workplace voodoo dolls and self-inflicted colonoscopies to cannibalistic diets and using roller coasters to pass kidney stones, here are the winners of this year's... [Read More]
In a tweet posted late yesterday, SpaceX said it has signed a passenger to fly around the Moon aboard its next-generation launch system. Details are... [Read More]
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