Author: Gerald Krueger

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I am asked once in a while if I encountered any difficult situations during my decades of flying. [Read More]
Continuing on with our recent travels, we made a quick trip to Omaha, Neb., to deliver household goods to grandson Nicholas Wilsdorf, who is a... [Read More]
When it comes to ideas to write about it becomes a daunting task to pick a subject and produce 550 words without boring readers and... [Read More]
Well the lovely Mary Ann and I attended my high school reunion. I'll tell you which one if you promise not to tell anyone: It... [Read More]
For a couple of oldsters, we sure have been traveling a lot lately. Shortly after our family cruise, the two of us drove to Douglas,... [Read More]
I am often asked of all my years of flying what was the most memorable. That one is easy to record. Of course it was... [Read More]
We often joke about our finances, and the fact that we try to take our zany family on a weekly outing each year. We utter... [Read More]
Aging involves some serious getting used to. For one thing, our peers are disappearing quite rapidly. Having grown up in this small community, vast friendships... [Read More]
Looking back over the past nearly 60 years of wedded bliss the closest the lovely Mary Ann and I ever came to splitting up was... [Read More]
I am often asked of all the occupations I have had, which one I liked the best. That is an easy one to answer. I... [Read More]
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