Author: Greg Weiner

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Complicit in their own subservience, legislators have enabled President Trump's callous devastation of families. [Read More]
Congress can take a small step toward reasserting itself by refusing to fund this particular folly. [Read More]
The switch carries historical freight that augurs poorly for Democrats and for the nation's polarized politics. [Read More]
None of the rights in the Bill of Rights are absolute. [Read More]
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Presidents have control over prosecutors for a reason. [Read More]
Whipping up support for or against the process is a dangerous mistake. [Read More]
The idea that a candidate's character doesn't matter is pervasive and pernicious. [Read More]
Public fascination with the Supreme Court, shrouded in mystery and robed with power, lies in its operatic authority not just to dispense justice but also... [Read More]
In the case of a baker who refused on religious grounds to produce a cake for a gay couple's wedding reception, rights talk is forcing... [Read More]
It's a case that the court shouldn't be forced to decide. [Read More]
Swollen beyond constitutional recognition, they distort the way elections are contested. [Read More]
Madison would have despaired at the decay of the congressional element in Congress. [Read More]
Upending centuries of custom matters more than you think. [Read More]
If Congressional Republicans want to avoid political disaster, they must reclaim the authority they've ceded to the executive branch and get to work ... [Read More]
Donald Trump's self-inflicted wounds have rendered the cognitive dissonance of his conservative defenders untenable ... [Read More]
The framers cared more about a president's "maladministration" and potential future abuses than they did about his past crimes and misdemeanors. [Read More]
A Donald Trump nomination would probably mean the immolation of the Republican Party. Democrats should not cheer it. Opposition and criticism -- the collision of... [Read More]
The new excoriation of Daniel Patrick Moynihan is under way. The character of this one is different from the last. When he published his report... [Read More]
When I assign students in my American Government classes to read the Constitution, a document whose birthday the nation commemorates on September 17, I ask... [Read More]
Half a century after being convicted without trial of racism and sexism for calling attention to the deterioration of African-American families, Daniel Patrick Moynihan now... [Read More]
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