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The Chronicle has launched a new weekly Travel newsletter! Sign up here. The national media descended on Yosemite Valley in January of 2015 just as... [Read More]
Deep in the Hoh Rain Forest, in Olympic National Park, is a small red pebble resting on a mossy log. It didn't arrive there by... [Read More]
The Chronicle has launched a new weekly Travel newsletter! Sign up here. Enter your email at the top and check the box marked "Travel." ... [Read More]
Indoor climbing is enjoying a boom—in the past five years, more than 150 new gyms have opened across the U.S. While pulling plastic is a... [Read More]
When you're looking to shave weight any way you can, accept no substitutes... [Read More]
Hollywood screws up a lot of action-sports sequences, but rock climbing continues to make pivotal appearances in films both lousy and excellent. From Christopher Nolan... [Read More]
If you're looking for a pair of good looking, no frills sunglasses, Ray-Ban makes a great option. [Read More]
Tackle training walls with this primo kit. [Read More]
Make any time sweatin' time... [Read More]
Patent battles playing out in court today over rights to the personal data we stream through wearable activity trackers will decide which companies steer us... [Read More]
Everyone needs a classic camping lantern... [Read More]
Everyone needs a classic camping lantern... [Read More]
The world's most reclusive elite climber just became a father and opened a gym—so how is he going to stay in rock shape? [Read More]
Nearly a year ago, England implemented a five pence charge on plastic carrier bags in an attempt to cut down on their usage, which had... [Read More]
It may come as a surprise that the world-championship climber's natural habitat isn't the mountains, but Manhattan... [Read More]
A Utah man who was presumed by many to be dead after going missing while on a hike in western China in 2004 has been... [Read More]
Weapons and aerospace contractor Boeing filed a patent this week for a device that would deliver fire retardant bottled up in a mortar round. It's... [Read More]
All the ingredients and gear you need for real meals on the trail. [Read More]
Ever since we ran a story looking at a brain-eating parasite lurking in waterways across the South a couple weeks ago, we can't stop seeing... [Read More]
The man yanked off the side of Trump Tower in New York City earlier today clearly had some technical climbing expertise. While he wore a... [Read More]
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