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Just in case you haven't gotten enough of last year's infamous Fyre Festival (the wild dogs, the disgusting cheese sandwiches in styrofoam), there's now a... [Read More]
Week after week, it feels like another woman is murdered by a current or previous partner. And often these deaths were entirely preventable, with the... [Read More]
Y: Natti Natasha, "Me Gusta" – NATTI NA. Everyone is really trying to finish the year off on a strong note, huh? I see you!... [Read More]
The Big Bang Theory is a CBS sitcom about a group of geeky adults that has run for 12 staggeringly long years. In that time... [Read More]
To put it bluntly, the Grammys did an awful job of recognizing the artistry of women at the 2018 show. Quelle surprise. Who could forget... [Read More]
Harvey Weinstein is having a hard time. I wonder why? [Read More]
Honey, she's home! [Read More]
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After CNN investigation released last week revealed that police in an estimated 400 cases across the country had thrown away rape kits before the statute... [Read More]
Y/N is a guide to the week's music releases based on our highly scientific, non-subjective Yes/No rating system. [Read More]
The Flossy Posse will reunite once more! [Read More]
In 2008, when Twilight first hit theaters, I (Hazel Cills) was a teenager and thus unfortunately the movie's target audience. In fact, I was there... [Read More]
I saw a concerning sight at the Prada Spring 2019 show. [Read More]
If you've felt exhausted this week by the ways in which people will bend over backwards to argue that bad men should stay hired in... [Read More]
Normally, famous men who yammer on and on about how great and funny women are and then make that enthusiasm a defining part of their... [Read More]
An Anchorage man who strangled a woman unconscious on the side of a road, all while threatening to kill her, and then masturbated on her,... [Read More]
There's an alligator just casually strolling around New Jersey, holding what I imagine is a warm Bud Light in a beer koozie, trying to soak... [Read More]
Last year, Hélöise Letissier began to feel different. The French pop star was coming off her first big major tour as Christine and the Queens,... [Read More]
Los Angeles wants to be fur-free, in sales and manufacturing, by 2020. [Read More]
*Wipes sweat from my brow* Somehow we all survived an Emmy Awards hosted by Colin Jost and Michael Che! #MeToo jokes were made, diversity was... [Read More]
Post Malone (who is an extremely successful young musician who recently performed at the VMAs, to anyone prepared to scream "I'm old!!!" in the comments)... [Read More]
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