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The pairing of Little Mix and Nicki Minaj turned out to be one the British public immediately latched onto. [Read More]
The "I'll Be There" singer wastes no time claiming the throne with her second full-length. [Read More]
Six artists reach the top 10 this week with newly-released singles. [Read More]
Tags: Top - Singles - Lady
Almost every single song featured on Lil Wayne's new album starts off on the Hot 100, helping him match a record established just a few... [Read More]
Tags: Lil Wayne - Drake - Tie
Lil Wayne's new album racked up close to half a billion streams in its first week of availability...though even that impressive sum isn't enough to... [Read More]
The country-turned-pop chart-topper now holds a very important record. [Read More]
Tags: Holds - Record - Taylor
Only one other act has managed to see this many brand new songs become true hits right out of the gate, and all at the... [Read More]
Tags: Songs - Lil - Wayne
Who will wind up on top next week? A movie soundtrack, a new project from an alt-rock group? Another hip-hop project? Or will things stay... [Read More]
Tags: Next - Lady - Gaga
Which of these 15 musical acts will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Now's the time to vote for the best... [Read More]
Tags: Roll Hall - Rock - Fame
With four new entries inside the top 10 (all fronted by the same artist), there isn't much room for any other new titles to break... [Read More]
Tags: Four - Inside - Top
Half of the sports inside top 10 on the Billboard 200 are owned by new releases, with Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter V' moving more than... [Read More]
Wayne has owned the Billboard 200 before, and while it's taken a few years to get back to the charts, he's been welcomed with open... [Read More]
Five new albums break into the U.K.'s top 10, and only one comes from an act who hasn't been charting hits since the 1970s. [Read More]
Tags: UK - Albums - Top
People all around the world can't seem to stop listening to Justin Bieber on Spotify, and all those plays are helping him dominate the service... [Read More]
Will Marshmello and Bastille be able to claim the No. 1 spot with their popular collab sometime soon? [Read More]
The legendary singer is back at the top decades after he first made it to No. 1. [Read More]
Tags: Rod - Stewart - Charts
The 'American Idol' winner lands at No. 1 more often than she misses, and she's kept her track record going with her latest. [Read More]
40% of the top 10 in the U.K. is filled by newly-released records. [Read More]
Tags: UK - Top - Eminem
Only two songs leap into the highest tier on the chart, but five artists are connected to those pieces of music, and all of them... [Read More]
Tags: Dua - Lipa - Mark
Even after all these decades, Paul McCartney is still breaking records and asserting his dominance with his latest release. [Read More]
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