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Fulfilling an extradition request from its ally and neighbor has left Canada vulnerable to actions by China, an increasingly important export market. [Read More]
On the second day of a bail hearing for Meng Wanzhou, a top Huawei executive who is accused of fraud, her lawyers laid out the... [Read More]
A look back on 100 editions of the Canada Letter, and an invitation to tell us what you want from the next 100. [Read More]
A measure that allowed Canada to create its own constitution in 1982 but left many unhappy has returned to haunt the current political scene. [Read More]
Doug Ford, who is often compared to President Trump, is trying to override an Ontario court that declared unconstitutional his effort to reduce the size... [Read More]
Three political correspondents for The New York Times made their way to Ottawa this week to discuss the political mood of the United States. [Read More]
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government was hit with a trade ultimatum from President Trump and a court ruling on a fraught pipeline issue. [Read More]
The ruling, a blow to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plans to increase the flow of oil from Alberta to the Pacific Coast, said the government... [Read More]
"What we're seeing now is something that we haven't seen in the last 100 years," says the author of a book on the growing intensity... [Read More]
The world came close to a solution for climate change 30 years ago but it dropped the ball. [Read More]
The four-time Tour de France champion was cleared of doping charges just before the race, but his chances of winning are fading fast. [Read More]
Evening dresses, high heels, kisses for the winners. It's all in a day's work for the women who star in the Tour de France awards... [Read More]
Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong were dominant forces in the famous race, but with Americans having become an afterthought, their fans have stayed away. [Read More]
Eyedrops and water were used to treat several riders inadvertently hit as the police targeted protesters. [Read More]
There are no Canadians in this year's race, but there's at least one covering it. [Read More]
The Hudson's Bay Company, Canada's largest non-discount department store, ended online sales of the brand and will not order more for stores. [Read More]
Canada was among the nations facing demands from President Trump to increase its military spending but some question whether that's the right measure of a... [Read More]
The accusation that Justin Trudeau groped the reporter when he was a schoolteacher and living in British Columbia appeared in 2000 in an unsigned editorial... [Read More]
The horrific accident in Canada killed 16, many on youth hockey team. [Read More]
The driver, Jaskirat Sidhu, 29, had been driving trucks for only two weeks when he was involved in an April collision that killed 16 people. [Read More]
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