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Transnational street gang MS-13 has a presence in Australia, say U.S. authorities who this week indicted 17 alleged members of the gang. New York's Nassau... [Read More]
Wombats are considered reclusive creatures. They mostly move at night and avoid people as much as possible. Except for one in Canberra, the bush capital... [Read More]
A leading child psychologist in Australia says parents need to be strict on their children's social media use in the wake of the tragic death... [Read More]
The distraught family of an Australian girl who committed suicide after allegedly being bullied online has pleaded to parents to talk with their children so... [Read More]
People offended by the date of Australia day need to grow up, says an indigenous town councilor from Alice Springs who has joined efforts to... [Read More]
Someone in Australia won a lottery on Thursday night but have yet to claim their $55 million (US$43.4 million) prize. They may not even know they... [Read More]
A heavy truck took out the inflatable finishing line of a women's cycling race in South Australia surprising an ABC TV crew who captured the... [Read More]
Australians have been moved by the death of a 14-year-old girl who had everything to live for. Amy Jayne Everett, affectionately nicknamed Dolly, died on... [Read More]
An American man has died while hiking in central Australia after taking a wrong turn. The 33-year-old hiker from California died on the popular Larapinta... [Read More]
A video of a car driver crashing into a cyclist in Brisbane has highlighted tensions over road use in Australia. Cyclist Geoffrey James was riding... [Read More]
A young Australian girl who was once the face of Akubra has taken her own life because of bullying, leaving her family devastated. Amy Everett,... [Read More]
Lu Yuanfeng fell into a coma and died just three weeks after he'd been released from a prison in China's northeast. Lu had managed to... [Read More]
Volunteers have rushed to help thousands of bats affected by a heatwave in parts of the Australian city of Sydney. Large fruit bats — known... [Read More]
A letter written by a 27-year-old Australian woman before she died from a rare form of cancer has touched the hearts of many around the... [Read More]
Reports of a section of melted highway is symptomatic of the intensity of the heatwave that has hit parts of Australia's south east. A ten... [Read More]
If Australia was attacked by a foreign power, the country's defense forces would not last much more than a couple of weeks, a former military... [Read More]
Australians have been undergoing a fall in living standards — the longest in more than 25 years. Many of the country's citizens appear unsurprised. In... [Read More]
A cruise ship which had some 200 of its passengers knocked about by a gastro bug docked in Brisbane on Thursday, Jan. 4. after a... [Read More]
Australia's peak medical body have called for stricter penalties to be applied to new drivers who text or use their mobile phones while driving a... [Read More]
Several young men have described their attempts to help six people fatally trapped inside the sinking seaplane that crashed into a river north of Sydney... [Read More]
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