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Ellen R. Wald's book provides a history of the Saudi oil company, Aramco and how it has been used to flex power throughout the world. [Read More]
China's campaign against Muslims in Xinjiang is enabled by the silence, driven primarily by governments deeply indebted to China. [Read More]
Saudi Arabia is a case study in what happens when a country's (Britain) economic interests conflict with its stated norms and values. [Read More]
A string of incidents involving Iran's ethnic minorities suggest the US and Saudi Arabia are covertly carrying out plans to destabilize Iran. [Read More]
China is forcing its Uyghur population into re-education camps and launching a military intervention to make sure they are defeated in Syria. [Read More]
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Saudi Arabia has attempted to bully Canada and others into refraining from criticism, constituting an attempt to curtail their sovereignty. [Read More]
Recent trade figures suggest the UAE could emerge alongside China as Iran's foremost lifeline in seeking to blunt the impact of sanctions. [Read More]
Tags: UAE - China - Iran
Saudi Research and Marketing Group announced a tie-up with the Independent to launch in a bid to finally bury arch-rival Al Jazeera. [Read More]
Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has questioned the degree to which his rule is dependent on the Wahhabi establishment. [Read More]
The Battle for Iran: Separatist Groups on Iran's Borders See a Sudden Surge. Is Israel the United States via the CIA or Saudi Arabia to... [Read More]
A UAE-backed Saudi effort to wrest control from Jordan of Islam's holy places in Jerusalem signals the kingdom's quest for regional hegemony. [Read More]
Yahya Staquf, advisor to Indonesia's president, met with Mike Pence & Bibi Netanyahu, signaling a shift into the Saudi-Israeli fold. [Read More]
Argentina's cancellation of a match with Israel due to Israeli attempts to exploit it politically is likely to reverberate beyond soccer... [Read More]
Countries in the Middle East are competing for ownership of hummus and other foods, claiming they are being appropriated by others. [Read More]
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