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Competitors in the 17th annual Fitbit Miami Marathon might have that "something seems different yet familiar'' feeling a week from Sunday when more than 20,000... [Read More]
You'll see it in TV ads, you may read about it on the net; and the come-on is always the same: Get a great workout... [Read More]
For many athletes, a pair of wireless headphones is as essential a part of the workout as a water bottle or running shoes. Listing to... [Read More]
Summer's over, and it's easy to come up with reasons to stop riding your bike. Don't let light be one of them. The Light &... [Read More]
When you're camping, using a Bluetooth app on your phone to control the size of your campfire sounds like a joke, right? However, the BioLite... [Read More]
The ceiling of the tent soars 6 feet, 6 inches. [Read More]
Travelers who like to stay nimble are likely to opt for a backpack on their latest adventure. But that isn't necessarily the easiest way to... [Read More]
It's Nathan's HammerHead. [Read More]
With smartphones, most people have access to an incredible music library wherever they go. But listening to that music without relying on headphones is another... [Read More]
Heading out to the trails this fall? For most people, a trail running shoe or light hiking boot works just fine. Lightness and comfort are... [Read More]
Sometimes the specialization of sports gear can get a bit much. And when you first hear the term, "trail running shorts," you might wonder —... [Read More]
When you're backpacking or camping, it's always fun to spend some time relaxing on the water trying to reel in a fish. What's not fun... [Read More]
Somehow, we end up with a lot of water bottles. Whether you get them from race giveaways or as promotional items, the bottles probably sit... [Read More]
Plus it has music. [Read More]
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For those of us taller campers, getting changed in a tent – or doing just about anything besides sleeping – can lead to some awkward... [Read More]
It's never been easier to listen to music – or podcasts, or audiobooks – during exercise. Smart watches and phones give you access to an... [Read More]
If you've taken a trip to just about any of body of water in the last few years, chances are you've noticed the change in... [Read More]
For a lot of people – probably most – trail running involves getting off the asphalt. That usually means compacted dirt, crushed limestone, or woodchips,... [Read More]
With the incredible growth of fitness-oriented smart watches, sometimes it's easier to start with what a watch won't do. In the case of Garmin's newest... [Read More]
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While daydreaming about that perfect camping trip, you might think about your traveling companions, the scenic setting, and the relaxing night under the stars next... [Read More]
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