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Niantic now has a valuation of nearly $4 billion. The company is going to use the money to expand its Real World Platform for developers. [Read More]
It's tough for small studios to get attention for their games. Even as someone who plays and thinks about games a lot, I don't make... [Read More]
Sony finally admits a second game into its so-called "PlayStation 4 cross-play beta." And Psyonix has already flipped the switch and made it live. [Read More]
It took two weeks, but 2019 has finally begun popping off. We had no news, and then suddenly Epic Games, Ubisoft, Unity, and Randy Pitchford... [Read More]
Unreal Engine company Epic Game is using its sizable Fortnite-backed bank account to woo unhappy Unity developers away from that platform. [Read More]
Unity claims that Improbable is misrepresenting their dispute in a spicy blog. In response, Improbable calls for some sort of governing code of conduct. [Read More]
Faster video cards are great, but they are beginning to matter less and less. Nvidia has argued that it's time for ray tracing, and it... [Read More]
Kevin Bruner started Telltale in 2004, but new investors helped force him out of his leadership position in 2017. He's in a legal fight with... [Read More]
Review Right now is a great time to build a new gaming PC. Memory prices are still high, but we have a glut of great... [Read More]
Call of Duty's Blackout is polished, but it's still just more battle royale -- but with zombies. Ring of Elysium, however, is different. And that's... [Read More]
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Rainbow Six: Siege was the No. 3 best-selling game of August in the U.S. NPD's analyst credits Ubi's free weekend for bringing in the bucks. [Read More]
I love having old games on my Switch, but I'm never going to use the online features. Switch still doesn't have built-in messaging or parties.... [Read More]
Somewhere on Earth, monks are chanting in an abandoned castle. Their mantra calls into the darkness. It is a prayer to resurrect the demon Konami. [Read More]
Nvidia has a mess on its hands with the new RTX 2080 Ti and 2080 graphics cards, but it could turn into a beautiful mess.... [Read More]
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Madden NFL top the NPD report sales chart. Monster Hunter: World returned to No. 2 spot thanks to its PC port. And its the 60th... [Read More]
Streets of Rage 4 is real. Publisher DotEmu and developer Lizard Cube are making it right now. Their goal is to build a sequel to... [Read More]
Capcom wants to focus on games like Monster Hunter: World, so it is taking resources it was putting into its Vancouver team and bringing them... [Read More]
CD Projekt Red announced a new game in The Witcher universe. It is a single-player Gwent campaign that follows a new character and story. [Read More]
YouTube has struggled to balance the desires of its gaming audience and its advertisers. Now, it is taking another crack at solving that problem. [Read More]
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An Austrlian committee has spent the last 10 weeks look at loot boxes in video games, and it has determined that they have detrimental links... [Read More]
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