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Police were prohibited from making an arrest under Florida's "stand your ground" law. [Read More]
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The two met on a matrimonial website and met in person for the first time shortly before she left for the airport. [Read More]
Family Video president Keith Hoogland's favorite movie is "Rocky," which tells a story that's not entirely unlike his company's own. [Read More]
The plane crashed only a few hundred yards away from the airport. [Read More]
There are two opportunities to get a great view of Mars on July 27 and July 31. [Read More]
Women were more likely to consider sex addiction a real disorder than men. [Read More]
"If you do get caught, stay calm, float, and at some point, you'll get dropped onto the sandbar or catch a wave and send yourself... [Read More]
While shark bites can be very painful, Marie Levine, founder and executive director of the Shark Research Institute, said they aren't always. [Read More]
Ultimately, it seems to come down to how much moon is enough moon. [Read More]
Houston Police Officer Troy Finner said in a press conference that he hopes the security cameras located at the medical center captured the suspect on... [Read More]
Firefighters continued to battle the blaze four hours after it began. [Read More]
As of Friday morning, over 7,000 people did not have power—and Alliant Energy said it would take multiple days to restore service for everyone. [Read More]
The employee said he didn't know the officer was involved in the shooting at the time and that he's made jokes to other officers as... [Read More]
More flights are at risk of being canceled if an upcoming strike moves forward. [Read More]
The application Dorsal is working to train artificial intelligence to spot sharks and alert beachgoers by using drones. [Read More]
The Army depot told employees to remain at their work areas, and anyone who was outside the main gate should not attempt to enter. [Read More]
"Surviving in the water overnight, after your vessel capsizes—it's pretty rare to find people alive." [Read More]
An Instant Pot pressure cooker, 23 and Me DNA tests and personal water filters were the most purchased items in the United States. [Read More]
The Dalton High School shooting occurred two weeks after 17 people were killed during a shooting at a Parkland, Florida, high school. [Read More]
Another fire in the area burned on Tuesday as well, but it was put out and is in "mop up" mode. [Read More]
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