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The public defenders who are representing the Frederick man accused of murdering his family continue to fight the prosecution tooth and nail. [Read More]
The rising cost of living in our growing Colorado has forced many long-time Denver businesses and residents out, no longer able to afford the city's... [Read More]
An attempt by a major Colorado company to silence critics turned into a big win for anti-oil and gas activists and first amendment rights. [Read More]
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Prosecutors and defense attorneys for Chris Watts met Thursday morning in a Weld County courtroom to discuss a handful of motions filed by each side... [Read More]
While many don't realize it, Denver homeowners and business are responsible for fixing cracked, busted and uneven sidewalk on their property. [Read More]
 Denver7 took a 360 look at the multiple perspectives on the city of Fort Collins going to a 'time-of-day' pay structure for utilities next month. [Read More]
Should what time of day you run your air conditioning or do a load of laundry impact the price? [Read More]
They say a mother's love knows no bounds. [Read More]
Police will not forward the investigation into the Broomfield High School softball coach to the district attorney's office for prosecution, they announced Wednesday after completing... [Read More]
The school resource officer at Broomfield High School spent much of Tuesday interviewing students and continuing to investigate misconduct allegations that landed the school's head... [Read More]
 The murders of Shanann Watts and her two girls, Celeste and Bella, in Frederick, Colo. continues to make national headlines. [Read More]
Denver7 went 360 to look at multiple perspectives on a new effort to complete the 470 loop around metro Denver and viewers are now weighing... [Read More]
There's a new effort in a decades-long dispute to complete the 470 loop around metro Denver. [Read More]
In booming Denver, the old verses new debate is playing out all over the city. [Read More]
As our Colorado grows, new homes are popping up along the Front Range. At the same time, the booming oil and gas industry is bringing... [Read More]
Candace Spicer says what she saw coming from Extraction's Coyote Trail drill site near Erie on Friday made her stop and document it with her... [Read More]
A chance encounter between a Firestone man and the mourning father of Shanann Watts Wednesday night has led to a new effort to repurpose many... [Read More]
While many don't realize it, Denver homeowners and business are responsible for fixing cracked, busted and uneven sidewalk on their property. ... [Read More]
Law enforcement officials told Denver7 Friday that Chris Watts is in protective custody and being isolated from other inmates at the Weld County jail because... [Read More]
The bodies of Chris Watts' two young daughters were found inside oil and gas tanks that "were mostly full," several high-ranking sources tell Denver7's Jennifer... [Read More]
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