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  Since moving back to LaGrange at the beginning of October, I've met back up with dozens of people I knew from my time here... [Read More]
A major transmission line failure led to a power outage for most of LaGrange on Tuesday morning. Power was out to much of the city... [Read More]
By Rosalind Essig The State Journal FRANKFORT, KY – After 25 years on the Franklin County Board of Education, William Cofield is retiring. Cofield was... [Read More]
By Jennifer Shrader   LaGrange and Troup County did not get all they wanted for Christmas in the latest – and presumed final –... [Read More]
      In the movie "A View to a Kill," the Russians award James Bond the Order of Lenin for saving Silicon Valley, with... [Read More]
  Over the years LaGrange has had the good fortune to have a number of key community leaders leave our area only to come back... [Read More]
One of the great joys of being a reporter is the surreal and sometimes absurd questions that come with the territory, not to mention the... [Read More]
It's been said before but it bears repeating, LaGrange has a fabulous symphony orchestra! The Christmas concert Tuesday night was nothing short of spectacular. It... [Read More]
Dear Republican Electors,   Congratulations on being appointed by your state Republican organization. I'm sure most of you are pleased that President-Elect Trump won. However... [Read More]
When Brother and I were little kids, Mama and Daddy kept us supplied with toys and other distractions so that they could holler, "Go to... [Read More]
It was almost 20 years ago when we first told the story we are about to share together. Sometimes our favorite stories are the simplest,... [Read More]
Troup County Sheriff's investigators believe they have found the remains of a man reported missing for more than a year.   On Tuesday, investigators were... [Read More]
One December day when I was about 5 years old, Mama decided to take me shoe shopping. I had lots of shoes; I had sneakers... [Read More]
We are currently experiencing technical issues with our e-edition. We're working with the vendor to correct the situation and the e-edition should be back up... [Read More]
When we were little tykes, and Mama was about three seconds from double homicide, Brother and I would get dropped off at Grandmaw's, where we... [Read More]
By Jennifer Shrader   Members of the West Point Lake Advisory Committee said Thursday the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers did a good job... [Read More]
I was a young man when I first met Doocy, our big, scary-looking friend with webbed fingers on his right hand and missing teeth right... [Read More]
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  Miranda Lambert, Allen Shamblin, and Tom Douglas sang and wrote: "Mama cut out pictures of houses for years, From the "Better Homes and Gardens"... [Read More]
I got the kind of call Sunday night that can weigh on a person. My mom's old house, my childhood home back in Illinois,... [Read More]
If these are the names, the mascots should be fantastic. When the Texas Rangers announced the final five names in the running for their... [Read More]
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