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"All I'm asking is, have you ever been in a situation like that in a relationship where you felt trapped like you couldn't get out... [Read More]
"You know, if men were taking that much time off because their balls hurt, there would be an outcry," Jane* tells me, emphatically. She has... [Read More]
Scotland has become the first country in the world to pledge free sanitary products at schools and universities across the country after its government this... [Read More]
Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's Prime Minister, has turned down a – not insignificant – $9,400 (NZ $14,000) pay rise. Yes, you read that right. Sure,... [Read More]
Lindsey Goldrick Dean went on just four dates with a man she met online. But that was all it took to prompt the 13-year harassment... [Read More]
"Selfie police" are being called in to help stop tourists risking their lives for the perfect Instagram snap at one of Sydney, Australia's most popular... [Read More]
People living in New Zealand will be able to request as many as 10 days of paid leave to escape their violent partners after the... [Read More]
Ah, Goop. Even the mere whisper of Gwyneth Paltrow's controversial, cult-like wellness brand is enough to conjure a collective exasperated sigh and, usually, a few... [Read More]
Imagine spending your whole life going without sex, in the name of your religion, only to have the rules changed halfway through the game. It's... [Read More]
Done right, sex is one of life's greatest pleasures — but it turns out more than half of women prefer a round of retail therapy... [Read More]
John Edward sees dead people. The easiest way to describe it, he tells me, is "like you're having a daydream," only a bit more vivid:... [Read More]
If you want to have sex you now have to ask for it loud and clear and get a verbal "yes" back under new reforms... [Read More]
Even if you're not kinky IRL, there's a good chance your brain might be: Whether we admit it in the daylight, or not, most of... [Read More]
Women do an extra 4.5 hours extra work a day in domestic chores - men do half of this time... [Read More]
A 23-year-old Queensland woman has captured the moment a man tried to film her in a public restroom in Burleigh Heads, Australia. Jane, who did... [Read More]
Ladies, the Australian Army wants you: the Amazonian, leather-clad, warrior-women of Australia. Army chiefs are reportedly being urged to find "Xena warrior-women" to form all-women... [Read More]
A 23-year-old topless model and her gym junkie boyfriend who built a drug empire importing and distributing steroids are set to be sentenced this month.... [Read More]
When Andrea Myles woke up on this particular morning, she automatically reached for her phone, as she usually did — her heart sank. But, she... [Read More]
Aston Martin has its first female president in the British luxury car maker's 105-year history. Laura Schwab, head of Aston Martin the Americas, says her... [Read More]
The Sydney woman behind the decision to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia says she has become the victim of a vicious smear campaign.... [Read More]
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