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In a desolate stretch of desert outside Yuma, Ariz., there's a spot where more than 350 migrants and children burrowed under the steel border fence... [Read More]
Border Patrol agents say they're struggling to care for large groups of migrant families who turn themselves in after crossing at remote stretches of the... [Read More]
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The number of migrant families trying to cross the border has increased around Yuma, Ariz. On both sides, officials and advocates are straining to keep... [Read More]
The White House says it wants an immigration system that prioritizes high-skilled workers. But critics say the administration is making it harder for those immigrants... [Read More]
The Trump administration says that immigrants who seek public assistance and legal worker status could be denied green cards. Officials say they're trying to ensure... [Read More]
The Trump administration announced a proposal to deny green cards to some immigrants on public benefits like food and housing assistance. [Read More]
A recent high court ruling that didn't get much attention at the time could mean that tens of thousands of deportation cases are delayed, or... [Read More]
Many families that were separated at the Southwest border may get a second chance to pursue asylum claims in the U.S. [Read More]
The ACLU says a proposed agreement with the Trump administration will give many reunified families a second chance to pursue asylum claims in the U.S... [Read More]
The Trump administration is proposing to replace a court agreement that limits how long it can hold children in immigration detention. Immigrants rights activists say... [Read More]
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The Trump administration wants to detain migrant families together for as long as their immigration cases are pending. [Read More]
Under the Flores settlement, immigrant minors can't be held in jail-like settings, and can't be held for longer than 20 days. The government's move to... [Read More]
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A federal judge in Texas wrote that DACA is likely unlawful. But he declined to halt the six year-old program, saying the plaintiffs waited too... [Read More]
Note: This episode originally aired in 2017. California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill on Tuesday that made national news. California will eliminate... [Read More]
An 18-month-old child died this spring after she was released from an immigrant detention facility in Texas. Lawyers representing her mother intend to sue the... [Read More]
The idea has already sparked warnings about consequences for immigrants and the nation's health care system. [Read More]
In the summer of 1968, Jared Kass was working at a camp for high school students in Massachusetts. He decided to teach the kids in... [Read More]
Sessions praised immigration restrictions of the 1920s — laws that are widely regarded today as racist. His critics say he's stoking fears about the foreign-born... [Read More]
The federal judge issued the order after learning a mother and daughter involved in a lawsuit challenging new asylum rules had been deported despite assurances... [Read More]
The American Civil Liberties Union says the plaintiffs fled "horrific persecution" and that the tightened policies violate U.S. law by depriving them of the right... [Read More]
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