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Thoughts on the Padres reaching agreement Tuesday with Manny Machado for 10 years at $300 million, the largest free-agent contract in North American team sports... [Read More]
As if by karmic choreography, the 2019 Yankees full squad took the field en masse for the first time Tuesday just as it was being... [Read More]
Do the Yankees have three shortstop, two shortstops, one shortstop or none? This is not a trick question. The answer is not, ta-da, Manny Machado.... [Read More]
Luis Severino drew a media crowd Sunday for his first bullpen session since becoming a $40 million man. Yet, the more integral Yankee was catching... [Read More]
CC Sabathia strolled the narrow corridor that curves under Steinbrenner Field, moving as ringleader toward tomorrow. Stretching wall to wall surrounding Sabathia on this journey... [Read More]
with the luxury tax reset - the Yankees showed they are willing to do these deals, as they showed with Luis Severino, who now cost... [Read More]
All baseball business these days comes with heaping scoops of outrage and scrutiny. Had Luis Severino been in position, say, two years ago, to sign... [Read More]
Do the Yankees have a strong rotation? Don't answer yet. First, we must come to peace with what makes a strong rotation in 2019. In... [Read More]
Luis Severino was curious. "What did he get?" the Yankees ace asked when I told him Aaron Nola had signed a four-year extension Wednesday with... [Read More]
What has 138 starts, a 3.29 ERA and averages better than a strikeout an inning? Moment to think about it. Answer: The combined 2018 rotation... [Read More]
What will eliminate the Yankees from the playoffs was evident Tuesday night. They managed one hit in 10 at-bats with men on base and gifted... [Read More]
Aaron Judge was delivered in full back to the Yankees on Tuesday by the heavens. By the time Judge participated in a simulated game for... [Read More]
In a few weeks, 30 members of the Baseball Writers Association of America will be asked to figure out who should be the AL Rookie... [Read More]
The Yankees were made better and somehow have played worse. Zach Britton, J.A. Happ, Lance Lynn, Luke Voit and Andrew McCutchen have performed as well... [Read More]
The smart folks are right. But it is wronging baseball. They are right that wins are a bad gauge of what kind of season a... [Read More]
Alex Rodriguez was pretty good in 2004, just not as great as his MVP season the year before. He hit 36 homers with an .888... [Read More]
Francis Ford Coppola determined a singular word that embodied the theme of his movies, and that word would inform all directorial decisions from wardrobe to... [Read More]
Masahiro Tanaka has not been as good as 2014 Masahiro Tanaka or 2018 first-half Luis Severino, but it has been close enough to provide a... [Read More]
Jacob deGrom did not pitch Sunday and the Mets won nevertheless, which is a reflection on the current condition of the reeling Phillies. But it... [Read More]
The Yankees almost certainly are going to finish with a better record than last year. So why does it all feel worse? Maybe it is... [Read More]
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