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They don't have any. They are already debt laden. And that goes for Gen X, and even Gen Z. [Read More]
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Confusion for investors. A field day for brokerage firms. No comfort for investment advisors. It's the new, improved SEC Best Interest (not fiduciary) rule. It... [Read More]
An old friend died.  Financial literacy killed him. Watch the funeral live on our website, July 25, 2022. We may not have done any good,... [Read More]
Americans have an unhealthy voyeuristic obsession with wealth.  There's one light cure. Heavy ones are better dealt with in winter. Celebrity, rock star, crimin... [Read More]
Why do so many people, investors and financial professionals included, make bad investment decisions?  I distilled it down to 10 reasons,one motivation and one... [Read More]
Home Depot, Financial Engines, Alight Financial Services face multiple charges around breach of fiduciary responsibility. The class currently represents over 20... [Read More]
They must feel like a punching bag. Not that they don't deserve the scrutiny. Somebody please pass this along to Tim Sloan. Sloan ascended to perhaps... [Read More]
Fiduciary Rule?  No, the SEC did NOT publish a fiduciary rule proposal on April 18. They proposed a 4-part set of rules and standards to... [Read More]
HUTN launches a Facebook alternative, Meggalife.  See the public beta site at It is set up to pay users for their activity, and just... [Read More]
What do they have in common? They have no concept of how to prepare for retirement. They are either getting bad advice or no advice.... [Read More]
Does fear motivate people to make a bad investment? The herd mentality? Greed?  It all is driven by ego. Bernie? Ego brought him investors ad... [Read More]
Volatility is not the new norm; it's just more like a ping pong ball in a room full of mousetraps than it ever was. People... [Read More]
Teenagers get excited about some companies.  Here are the top 10 they like. Use them to teach them how to invest. ETFs and mutual funds... [Read More]
Social Security won't cut it.  Follow the math.  Do the Math.  Cry if you have to. That's not you?  OK, let's say you did a... [Read More]
There's an imminent correction coming soon.  Merrill Lynch says so. Morgan Stanley says so. Vanguard said so.  And, I say so. Read the moving factors... [Read More]
A social media platform that donates advertising revenue to a retirement trust for users?  Now, that's different. EF Hutton is dedicating its technology to help... [Read More]
Renewable energy, a controversial topic, but here are some comments from a coal and oil state resident (me). It's an economic discussion, not an environmental... [Read More]
If two or more of these descriptions sound like you, it's time to fire yourself and hire an advisor. If two or more of the... [Read More]
What follows are three investment industry news bites from last week. One is not true. Can you separate fact from fiction? Check the comments the... [Read More]
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The utility settlement coin is a cryptocurrency issued by the world's biggest banks. It's the end of the crypto as we know it. Warning: You... [Read More]
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