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Finally the mercury is falling far enough to allow you to enjoy the nighttime air. [Read More]
Mike Thompson's penchant for the printed word has led him on new tangents in the writing field. [Read More]
Every other Saturday morning, St. Paul's Episcopal Church serves food to area residents in need. [Read More]
I grew up in an era in Arizona when rattlesnakes were vilified because they carried enough venom to put a person in the hospital or... [Read More]
I've heard it said Arizona is reliably red at election time. [Read More]
It may have been an omen that Will Brandt's first weeks of life were spent at the Marine Corps Air Station, where his father was... [Read More]
I see why San Luis High School turns out great boys and girls soccer teams — and why those young stars go on to excel... [Read More]
There's an analogy that helps Jewish families make their children understand the importance of seeking forgiveness for anything bad they may have done over the... [Read More]
Body builders, crossfitters and martial artists will take the stage Saturday at FitXpo United at the Yuma County Fairgrounds. [Read More]
A classroom will take on the ambiance of a fine dining room twice a month, through December, as students at Arizona Western College serve formal... [Read More]
On a recent flight to Vancouver with family, I descended through what I thought was one of the cloud banks than routinely embrace that area. [Read More]
En lo que fue el segundo reporte de incidente de amenaza dirigida a un plantel escolar local el lunes, un ex estudiante ha sido arrestado... [Read More]
Given the choices on the ballot, turnout for a primary election in Yuma County should be the highest in memory this year. [Read More]
Once in a great while, I'll show up in grocery store checkout lines while a checker is texting, reading a text or doing whatever he/she... [Read More]
San Luis, Ariz.– La Biblioteca de San Luis está ofreciendo la oportunidad a artistas de la área de Yuma para presentar sus obras creativas como... [Read More]
Years ago someone at City Hall decided Yuma's triple-digit heat would be a good reason — or excuse — for a celebration downtown in mid-August. [Read More]
I just marked 35 years living in Yuma. [Read More]
In a recent story in the Yuma Sun, a mayoral candidate in Somerton raised concerns about an increase in firearms-related crimes in that city. [Read More]
Looking for a piece of art for the home or office? [Read More]
For some of us, healthy eating is harder than it sounds. [Read More]
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