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We can rest assured that at least some of McCabe's version of events in his new book is true, writes Josh Campbell... [Read More]
Trump's insistence that the Justice Department investigate the anonymous op-ed writer runs counter to everything those at the DOJ and FBI stand for, says Josh... [Read More]
Josh Campbell explains why, of all the norms Trump has chosen or will choose to flout, the 60-day window of quiet before an election day... [Read More]
Donald Trump's relentless campaign to undermine the DOJ and FBI, most recently at his rally in Indiana, with unfounded allegations only makes it harder... [Read More]
We can step up pressure on our representatives to act to curb gun violence, but in the meantime, unfortunately, we must take small actions to... [Read More]
Josh Campbell writes that while President Trump may be taking great pleasure in the firing of FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok, he may also... [Read More]
Congress has done it again. It has wasted our time and proven it cannot seriously exercise its critical role of holding the executive branch accountable. [Read More]
New York Congressman Chris Collins' indictment is only the latest in an endless panoply of serious criminal allegations against those operating in the political sphere,... [Read More]
Josh Campbell writes that Trump's performance in Helsinki -- in which he appeared to believe Putin, a former Russian spy, over his own US intelligence... [Read More]
When questioning FBI agent Peter Strzok about his conduct during the 2016 election season, some members of Congress strayed from oversight into embarrassing overreach, writes... [Read More]
Jim Jordan, the chief justice of the US court of public opinion, is himself in the hot seat, writes Josh Campbell... [Read More]
The Trump administration is looking to the already stretched-thin US Marshals Service to take over protection duties for Cabinet-level officials not already protected by typical... [Read More]
America's moral authority is in tatters, writes Josh Campbell, torn apart by elected officials who seek to subvert the law and by the spectacle on... [Read More]
After a nearly 18-month probe, the Inspector General found no political impropriety in FBI leadership--but that doesn't mean they're handing out gold stars, writes Josh... [Read More]
By working to undermine faith in US institutions, the Trump administration is doing Russia's work for it, writes Josh Campbell. [Read More]
Josh Campbell says that in light of Rep. Trey Gowdy's remarks, the White House and Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee owe the FBI an... [Read More]
The toughest job in law enforcement is that of the victim specialists who must look victims' family members in the eyes after a tragedy and... [Read More]
Why would a congressional leader with access to our nation's most sensitive secrets and a penchant for politicization be so cozy with a President whose... [Read More]
The announcement that three American citizens being held captive in North Korea might soon be released was simultaneously reassuring and arresting, writes Josh Campbell... [Read More]
Two FBI officials who have faced scrutiny in recent months resigned from the bureau on Friday, sources familiar with their departures have confirmed to CNN. [Read More]
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