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Click HERE to download a printable PDF of this puzzle. ACROSS  1 They promote 28 nuts (11)  9 Wild beast takes LSD the wrong way and... [Read More]
Click HERE to download a printable PDF of this puzzle. ACROSS  1  Stand and kick habit, to begin with (5)  4 Arrow maker in Florida—one who... [Read More]
Music can be about many things, but two subjects that have remained pretty constant over the years are dance and devotion — which is to... [Read More]
Not since Beethoven's "Diabelli" Variations, perhaps, has a composer staked out such extensive formal and interpretive terrain as the American composer Frederic Rzewski did in... [Read More]
San Francisco Symphony Classical The San Francisco Symphony's new digital-only release of Bernstein's song cycle "Arias and Barcarolles" — recorded in Davies Symphony Hall just... [Read More]
JOSHUA KOSMAN'S CLASSICAL MUSIC PICK There's no law that operas based on history need to be faithful to the facts of the matter. It's an... [Read More]
In the run-up to the fall arts season, the last thing anyone expects to come across is a concert version of "Tristan and Isolde" populated... [Read More]
In spite of concerted efforts by civic and political actors, the plight of the homeless population continues to plague communities throughout the Bay Area and... [Read More]
Bay Area native Claude Heater spent much of the 1960s undertaking the leading Wagnerian tenor roles in opera houses throughout Europe before retiring to a... [Read More]
  CLASSICAL MUSIC "Roberto Devereux": Donizetti's tale of love and intrigue in Tudor England returns to the San Francisco Opera for the first time since... [Read More]
When Mark Morris first set out to choreograph the music from "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," he had the same complex relationship with it... [Read More]
The young vocal artists of the 2018 Merola Opera Program have spent the summer showing off their prowess in staged operas by Mozart and Stravinsky,... [Read More]
Click HERE to download a printable PDF of this puzzle. ACROSS  1 Gets angry when Oakland team is taken in by dubious faith (3,1,3)  5 Honest union... [Read More]
Montreal Symphony Classical Leonard Bernstein's final stage work, the three-act opera "A Quiet Place," has always struggled to make its way in the world. Largely... [Read More]
It was only last year that the San Francisco International Piano Festival got off the ground, but you can already feel it moving into position... [Read More]
Encounters with Debussy's lone completed opera, the murmuring symbolist epic "Pelléas and Mélisande," often take place in a shadowy realm of vagueness and insinuation. Motives... [Read More]
The two bored aristocrats who occupy Luca Francesconi's 2011 opera "Quartett" are in an existential pickle. Alienated from the world around them, in thrall to... [Read More]
Anyone who's ever been dragged from sleep by a persistent alarm will identify immediately with the comic predicament that opens the third act of Handel's... [Read More]
The Marquise de Merteuil and the Viscount de Valmont - those sexy, beguilingly amoral seducers from Pierre Choderlos Laclos' wonderful 1782 novel - have seen... [Read More]
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