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Amazon's adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray's 1848 epic novel revives characters for a new generation, writes critic Judy Berman. [Read More]
The Netflix miniseries Maniac is set in New York, but something about its version of the city feels distinctly off. At first, the discrepancies between... [Read More]
Netflix's Maniac is like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and 2001: A Space Odyssey—mind-bending movies that are exhilarating to watch. [Read More]
TV is the dominant popular art form of the decade, if not the century. But you wouldn't have known it from watching the 2018 Emmy... [Read More]
Tags: Emmy Awards - TV - Vital
Everyone's favorite self-destructive horse is back with another season of dark, witty misery. Ready for more? Here's where we left off. [Read More]
Sera Gamble and Caroline Kepnes discuss the new Lifetime stalker (and romantic!) thriller, which is based on a novel by Ms. Kepnes. [Read More]
It's not enough to make list after list. The Turning the Tables project seeks to suggest alternatives to the traditional popular music canon, and to... [Read More]
Things got ugly at the end of this gothic HBO mystery series. They were also maybe a bit confusing. The world's TV writers have thoughts. [Read More]
The HBO mini-series concluded Sunday night by reminding us, yet again, that there is something rotten at the core of the Crellin clan. [Read More]
This week Camille comes to two alarming conclusions. [Read More]
Camille is struggling mightily to escape devolving into the wild, miserable, victimized cheerleader she was in high school. [Read More]
Not much happens in 'Insecure,' but that's kind of the point. The HBO comedy follows Issa Rae's less successful alter ego Issa Dee... [Read More]
Tags: Insecure - Issa - kind
Sacha Baron Cohen is a master manipulator of toxic masculinity. What's unfortunate is that he doesn't have the same success with people who don't fit... [Read More]
White residents of Wind Gap may not say "Confederate" aloud, but they're happy to twist Civil War history to suit their barely veiled sympathies. [Read More]
This week's episode ended on quite the cliffhanger. What the heck was it? [Read More]
The ladies of Litchfield are back as Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black" returns for its sixth season on July 27. [Read More]
The ladies of Litchfield are back, but they've left the minimum-security prison... [Read More]
For viewers who could use a reminder, our rundown of where everyone stands going into Season 6 should get you up to speed. [Read More]
With a President who tweets insults, do we actually need Sacha Baron Cohen and Who Is America? to put a finer point on our leaders'... [Read More]
The most surreal moment in the first episode of Showtime's Who Is America? comes deep into Sacha Baron Cohen's interview with Larry Pratt, an executive... [Read More]
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