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Under the proposal, thousands of unused visas would go to Irish nationals. [Read More]
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The Trump administration has made official its proposal to deny a green card to immigrants who have used public assistance programs. [Read More]
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The Health and Human Services Secretary is proposing that up to $266 million be taken from other government health programs. [Read More]
Fewer immigrant families are sponsoring children who have crossed the US-Mexico border—leaving more than 12,000 minors in government custody. [Read More]
Mike Pompeo officially certified that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are doing all they can to avoid civilian casualties in Yemen. [Read More]
Will Hurricane Florence wreak havoc and damage one or more of the nuclear power plants which lie in its potential path? [Read More]
The Trump administration announced its intention Thursday to lift court-ordered limits on how long migrant children can be detained. [Read More]
China, the world's largest producer of greenhouse gases, could be well on its way to meeting the Paris climate agreement goals. [Read More]
After postponing his coveted military parade, Trump told that he'll find another use for the money that would have paid for the parade. [Read More]
Out of 45 products "made with conventionally grown oats," all but two were found to contain monsanto's cancer causing glyphosate. [Read More]
The tape was recorded during the 2016 campaign, offering new evidence that the president may have violated campaign finance laws. [Read More]
If Interior Department's proposals are approved, "Zinke will go down in history as the extinction secretary." [Read More]
The woman's leg became trapped between a subway car and platform on Friday night in Boston. [Read More]
A federal judge just ruled the Trump administration must halt indefinite detention of asylum seekers who are awaiting immigration hearings. [Read More]
Outraged Americans are protesting the forcible separation of parents & children at the Mexico border while military contractors make millions... [Read More]
Children taken to the former Walmart now serving as a detention center for immigrants in Brownsville, Texas, are greeted by a mural of Trump. [Read More]
The Health & Human Services Department is considering the construction of "tent cities" at military bases in Texas to house migrant children. [Read More]
"This decision by the Justice Department will endanger reporters' ability to promise confidentiality to their sources and, ultimately, undermine the ability of a free press... [Read More]
Facebook has allowed cell phone and device makers access to Facebook users' and their friends' data, without explicit consent... [Read More]
Civil rights advocates have been receiving notifications that their cases regarding discrimination in schools were being dismissed. [Read More]
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