Author: Katy Collin

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Seven years into the Syrian civil war, peace still appears to be a far-off goal. Recent peace initiatives have failed to make progress and there... [Read More]
The Brookings Foreign Policy program is hiring up to two post-doctoral research fellows to join its team (full-time, in residence) for the 2018-2019 academic year.... [Read More]
Renewed thinking and focus on conflict prevention is urgent, as it is far more effective and less expensive to prevent conflict than respond to it.... [Read More]
On Sunday, Catalonia will try to stage an illegal referendum on independence from Spain. Catalan President Carles Puigdemont has insisted that regional officials will do... [Read More]
Domestic politics, within the Kurdish autonomous region and within Iraq, drive the timing for the referendum. The polling results would be used most constructively to... [Read More]
[...] if Puerto Rico votes in favor of becoming the 51st state, it will be in conflict with Congress, which has the power to change... [Read More]
Only Congress can change Puerto Rico's status. So why is Puerto Rico voting? It's complicated. [Read More]
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