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Consumer Reports has the details on a new Nissan recall that involves 166,000 vehicles that have a potentially faulty ignition switch which may cause a... [Read More]
New-car buyers shared what they expect for car reliability. However, Consumer Reports' reliability survey shows new cars aren't always trouble-free. [Read More]
An average-looking reporter tries out Kylie's photo tip        ... [Read More]
Car buyers are willing to pay for better fuel economy, especially if they're shopping for a low-mpg vehicle like a truck or an SUV, Consumer... [Read More]
It's time to become a grillmaster        ... [Read More]
The new Tesla Model 3 has lots of eye-opening features that distinguish this fully-electric car from other hybrid and electric vehicles, including a single touch screen that... [Read More]
Rear-crash-prevention technology can cut backing crashes by nearly 80 percent. Consumer Reports shares details on the new research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. [Read More]
To find the cars that owners love fall every time they get behind the wheel—and the ones that broke their owners' hearts—Consumer Reports compared first-year... [Read More]
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The laundry machine of the future could soon be in your home.          ... [Read More]
The laundry machine of the future could soon be in your home. [Read More]
23,000 tiny polymer spheres save water, your clothes—and maybe even the world        ... [Read More]
Do we all hate folding laundry this much?        ... [Read More]
The Family Hub 3.0 adds Bixby to a fridge, but current owners will have to wait for updates        ... [Read More]
The Deebot does it all        ... [Read More]
Thanks to ohmic heating, the Tetra can clean dishes—and cook your dinner, too        ... [Read More]
Don't get caught without these essentials.        ... [Read More]
Don't get caught without these essentials.        ... [Read More]
Keith Barry, hypnotist, and magician, on the aftermath of a car crash in 2007... [Read More]
Keith Barry, hypnotist, magician... [Read More]
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