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2018 was a record-breaking year for the number of miles that drivers traveled across the US. 3.22 trillion miles were driven. That's enough to go to... [Read More]
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A 30-foot meteor that crashed near the Bering Sea is making global headlines this week. It exploded 16 miles above the earth's surface releasing more... [Read More]
A Huntsville teacher is asking other educators in the community for assistance. In October, the 10 month-old daughter of a Mae Jemison High School football... [Read More]
How much should business owners be willing to spend on surveillance cameras? Officials from the Limestone County Sheriff's Office say they're priceless. But a higher... [Read More]
A former Michigan City Police officer convicted of repeatedly raping an intellectually disabled woman was sentenced to 36 years in prison Friday. [Read More]
There's a new feature at the Hays Nature Preserve in Huntsville that will promote literacy while children play on the playground. Mayor Tommy Battle was... [Read More]
People across Alabama are rebuilding or repairing their homes after they were destroyed in tornadoes or flood waters. As unbelievable as it might seem, there... [Read More]
The Veterans of Foreign Wars awards an annual $30,000 scholarship to one high school student nationwide for the 'Voice of Democracy' oral essay contest. [Read More]
In 2016, Alabama's 4th congressional district had the highest amount of opioid prescriptions out of any other congressional district in the country, according to a... [Read More]
A teenager accused of tying up a 10-year-old boy with a dog leash so another teen could shoot him with a BB gun will face... [Read More]
Local officials gathered to discuss the city's comprehensive 20-year plan at City Hall on Tuesday evening, and were asked to prioritize the projects most important... [Read More]
A local bar owner charged with hitting a female patron in the face with a bottle of liquor confirmed Thursday he is prepared to face... [Read More]
The judge's decision is in: Christina Espar will be listed on the ballot as the Republican candidate for La Porte County Prosecutor. [Read More]
A teenager charged with murder for the fatal shooting of a man outside her sister's home this summer is set to face a jury. [Read More]
Since the mid-1980s, Ed Merrion has given more than 300 years of service to various nonprofit organizations whose mission was to help the homeless and... [Read More]
Saturday is the statutory deadline for absentee ballots to be mailed in the state of Indiana, but those ballots haven't even been printed yet in... [Read More]
The man locked up for the 1993 slaying of 16-year-old Rayna Rison may be granted a new murder trial if his attorneys can convince the... [Read More]
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  District and community leaders held a meeting for parents to address the shooting. They discussed what happened and presented ideas they have to... [Read More]
The former Sacred Heart Church in the city's Westside neighborhood will be the permanent site of the Interfaith Community PADS homeless shelter for men and... [Read More]
The Alabama State Legislature passed a law to allow schools to display the nation's motto "In God we Trust". Last week the Cullman County School... [Read More]
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