Author: Ken Sikes

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Going on a nature hike with your kids? Remember to bring plenty of water, snacks, your curiosity, oh, and something to hold your tongue. [Read More]
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Bad knees and all, the 74-year-old father of TNT reader columnist Ken Sikes goes confidently in the direction of his dreams. [Read More]
TNT reader columnist Ken Sikes of South Tacoma learns that it takes more than good intentions to make a tree grow. [Read More]
As the experienced group of musicians smiled and welcomed me into the room, I harbored a secret suspicion it was all a ruse, writes TNT... [Read More]
Reader columnist Ken Sikes of South Tacoma says neighborhood crows have become tour guides helping him pay attention to that which he usually misses. [Read More]
Why did I want to be a TNT reader columnist? Because my seeker senses tell me that South Tacoma is a neighborhood full of hidden,... [Read More]
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