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The Trump administration wants to revoke the federal waiver that allows the state to act autonomously. But rather than fight the president, Sacramento should embrace... [Read More]
A Ventura County pilot program under the authority of the Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency could change everything. [Read More]
Long before the Janus ruling was announced, California lawmakers, many of whom have been widely criticized as being wholly owned by the public employee unions,... [Read More]
Making housing more affordable in California has been at the top of the agenda in Sacramento for more than a year. Unfortunately, lawmakers have mishandled... [Read More]
A Senate bill that would have helped relieve California's bleak housing situation has died in the Legislature. It was killed by anti-development groups and... [Read More]
When President Trump recently visited California, he came away with the sense that it "is totally out of control." [Read More]
By KERRY JACKSON 2:33 PM ET Generally speaking, the first person in a debate who compares their opponent to Hitler or the Nazis at that... [Read More]
California is the poverty capital of the U.S., according to the Census Bureau ... [Read More]
Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed the biggest state budget in history. He wants to spend $131.7 billion from the general fund, about 5 percent more... [Read More]
The reactionary slop that hit the fan over President Trump's comments about the conditions in Haiti, El Salvador and reportedly some other nations. [Read More]
Generous spending has not only failed to decrease poverty; it actually seems to have made it worse. [Read More]
Guess which state has the highest poverty rate in the country? Not Mississippi, New Mexico, or West Virginia, but California, where nearly one out of... [Read More]
Dining at a premium San Francisco restaurant will always be expensive. But add in the cost of The City's health care surcharge and eating out,... [Read More]
Bills signed by Gov. Brown in September aren't going to be of much help... [Read More]
They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Apparently, this is true of Californians, as well: If they happen to be in Vegas, there's... [Read More]
Taxpayers, who fund public employees' platinum-plated pensions, deserve to know what happens at the bargaining table when their elected representatives negotiate contracts with public-employee unions.... [Read More]
'These mandates would only further spike costs for basics such as transportation and power'... [Read More]
KERRY JACKSON 10/24/2017 Conform or else. That's the message of the global warming alarmists. Those who don't buy into the man-made climate change narrative should... [Read More]
Everyone wants a piece of Amazon. A city in Georgia has even offered to rename itself "Amazon" if only the web sales giant would locate... [Read More]
Scientists, identified as "conservation scientists" who presumably oppose human greenhouse gas emissions, have looked into their own lifestyles, as well as the lifestyles of other... [Read More]
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